Errand Day – RunLog 5-20-19

Yeah, today was the day for driving to Waterville, getting a bunch of stuff done up there and then heading to Augusta. Just a heads-up, if you prepay your heating oil check the date you need to have the contract back to the company. If you are like us they have to be back to them by the end of May to lock into the present rates.

Yeah, it kind of sucks to have to think about next Winter already, but just being able to call up and ask for a delivery without worrying about having to worry about the payment is a huge stress relief.

Once I got all that running around done, I actually got to run.

I decided to go over to the BMV commuter lot towards Chelsea and ran the Cony Loop. After yesterday’s nine plus, I was planning on an easy 6.0 mile or so run.

The weather was overcast and humid. It had rained off and on all morning and during Bennie’s longer walk, it was just miserable. There was a little breeze out of the south, but nothing all that bad.

I like this course, but I like it better on the weekend, during the week, it is just too busy on the main road and even the Cony Road was pretty steady, so I don’t see me running it all that often during the week. A few of the bigger trucks felt like they were pretty close over by the bog area and the ditch was such that I couldn’t move over much more without scrambling around on a pretty good slope.

Once I got over by the Shell Station, the hill came into view. Usually I am a bit intimidated by this particular hill, but today, I actually picked up the pace a little and made it over it, without any issues. Not super fast, but no problems like I was having with hills last year, so that is something.

I did pick up the pace for the last mile, but that is something that I attempt to do on most of my runs. Even so, it wasn’t a hard push, it was more pick up the pace and throw myself up that damn little bump on Piggery Road. 😉

A nice recovery run.

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