A Surprising Week – Week In Review 5/19/19

Let’s see…I haven’t done a week in review for a while, but with so much going on this week that I want to remember going forward, I figure that I probably should write some of this stuff down here.


I swear every other day it rains and doesn’t give anything around here a chance to dry out. We haven’t even attempted to get into the gardens yet and usually we have at least planted our spring garden and rototilled the big garden by now. I stepped in them and sank almost up to my ankles, so it might be a late planting. The only good thing is that I have only had to mow once so far, instead of the usual 3-4 times that I usually have in past years.

We finally decided to do some work around the house and made a commitment to re-do the dining room, kitchen, master bathroom and some other things that just need to be done on a home that is over 30 years old.

It is a bit daunting and intimidating, especially once the work begins, but after it all gets done we hope that it will make our home better for us as we get older and have different needs going forward. I am sure that I will be writing more than a little about this over the next few months.

My Lenovo Thinkpad X230T has been acting a bit wonky and when I ran a diagnostics on the harddrive, it showed a few bad sectors. At this point I decided to go ahead and get a replacement SSD. Once I got the harddrive cloned, it took about 5:00 minutes to change out the drives. All I did was turn the X230T back on and everything was there. Oh, there was one difference…performance. WOW!!! I didn’t realize how much faster the SSD would make my old Lenovo perform – there  is a noticeable difference.


Oh yeah, my iPhone 7 is still working just fine, you can read about my misadventure with it here. I got lucky, very lucky after submerging it for that long.


Annotation 2019-05-19 170936

I kept pretty close to the Hansons Half Marathon plan, despite the wonderful weather we are having up heah in Maine. While I am doing most of the plan, I am attempting to keep the mileage on the lower side of the scale and when I get to 40 miles for the week, that is about where I want to end up – well most of the time.

Which means that I am being more careful about how many miles that I am doing on my easy days and not attempting to do the cumulative fatigue part of the Hansons plan.

This week’s quality workouts were just that – quality and my slower runs were done at comfortable for me paces – you know the way I am supposed to train. However, if you read my post from this afternoon, you know that tonight I have a bad case of should’a, could’a, would’as and as a result might be looking for a race to actually do at some point in the near future.

Running Shoes

I have basically gone to a two shoe rotation.

Annotation 2019-05-19 212822Nike Epic React v1 – They now have over 100 miles on them and this is the point where I said that I would do a review, so that is coming at some point this coming week. So far I have liked running in them, they are comfortable don’t bother my feet to run in them at any speed or distance. The Epic Reacts do everything that I want from a daily trainer.

Nike Zoom Fly v1 – Ah the Zoom Fly v1s, I haven’t decided if they are a maximal light-weight trainer or a race day/go fast for me running shoe. What I do know is that according to my Milestone Pod/App is that I run differently in the Zoom Fly than I have in any other running shoe I have run in during the past year. My paces are faster with less effort and it is being done with less fatigue or soreness after the runs. I can foresee that the next time I run in a race that the Zoom Flys will be on my feet.

Yeah, can you believe it I am back to running primarily in Nikes again? Even though my adidas Tempo 9s, adidas Adios 3 and Karhu Ikoni Ortix all are good shoes, but when I get right down to what I want to run in on a daily basis I reach for either the Zoom Fly or Epic Reacts.

Which surprised me, due to the polarizing reviews that both of these shoes had when they first came out, but they were shoes that I really wanted to run in and make up my own mind about them. I guess it comes down to runners either loving or hating them and I am one of the runners who love both shoes.

Aches and Pains

Nothing that I haven’t dealt with as ongoing fun stuff.

The right ankle is bothering more than it has in the past, I am thinking that there is a bit of arthritis going on in there. Too many torn ligaments and sprained ankles from my past are finally starting to catch up with me.

The tailor’s bunionette is sort of under control…well as long as I remember to wear my soft gel bunionette pad at night. Since I have started wearing them almost every night, the number of different running shoes I have been able to wear comfortably has tripled and I have been able to actually enjoy running without discomfort on most of my runs.

My left Achilles tendon is feeling the best it has been in several years, so I am hoping to keep it that way.

The reality is

That I was very happy with how things have gone this week.

While the work on the house has been delayed for a couple of years for circumstance beyond our control, it is both more than a little daunting and at the same time very necessary. I really believe that once it is done we are going to be very happy, but it will be some big changes in our house.

Yes, there will be before and after photos.

Running is going well and I am starting to get the itch to race again to challenge myself and get out of my comfort zone, both physically and mentally, especially after so many runners that I know participated in the Sugarloaf 15K or marathon and did so well.

When it comes to running shoes, it seems that I usually come back to Nike shoes most every year, just because they work for me and then I wander off on some tangent for a while, then come back to them again. One of those they work and I get bored with them working things that I am attempting to change. That if it works well, don’t F%$# with it idea.

I wonder what I would do if I ran in Nike shoes for the rest of the year and didn’t take off on the tangent? Who knows maybe I will find out this year.

Yeah, a good week.

Especially, since I didn’t have to replace my iPhone 7 and repairing my laptop was very simple.


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