Apple’s iPhone 7 Dunk Test

Not running related, so if that is what you are looking for, this post isn’t for you. However, I screwed up again and just wanted share what I did this time.

The next episode of Harold being Harold.

A little bit of background first.

My stepdaughter built a house beside us and she has been having drainage problems around her new house. Actually it is more like a moat sometimes than a yard. So I have been doing some yardwork to help lower the water levels a little, so she can eventually get someone in to actually get the yard where it should be.


The duck pond – if you look close you can see where the duck is swimming.

Late yesterday afternoon I went over to move some of the smaller rocks and re-route the water so that it would flow down to the culvert across the old dirt road versus sitting like a pond on SD2’s future lawn. Which meant crawling around on the rock wall, using a pry bar to move rocks and a hoe to dig out the channel.

No Phone!

Okay, now fast-forward to 10:30 P.M. We are getting ready to go to bed and I look around for my iPhone 7. Can’t find it anywhere in the house…we had been shopping yesterday and I thought that I might have left it at the Middle Road Bakery (yeah, we got Whoopie Pies), so I went to the Find My Phone app on my iPad to see where my iPhone was.

Ah Houston we have a problem…

It showed my iPhone as being in the middle of Messalonskee Lake.


We imagined all kind of scenarios, but then I remembered that I had been working over at SD2s around water and wondered….if….maybe the phone was laying in the water by the rock wall.

So at about 11:00 P.M. my understanding and wonderful wife accompanied me outside to go look for my iPhone. We headed over to the area I had been working. It was pretty difficult to hear anything (like a phone ringing), with the frogs making all the noise and other night sounds going on around us.

However, when I got back on the rock wall and Mary called one more time, we thought we could hear something very faintly and I saw a little bit of light coming from under water by where I had been working.

It was my iPhone 7!!!

Annotation 2019-05-17 081109

The phone was laying in about six inches of water and had been for around 5-6 hours. What I couldn’t believe was that when I grabbed it out of the water is that it turned onto the lock screen!!!

The damn thing still worked!!!

Yeah, I couldn’t believe it.

I clambered back off the rock wall and navigated through the mud and showed it to Mary and she couldn’t believe it either.

I really figured when I saw my phone underwater, that I would be moving back to my old Kyocera for a while – not a great thing, but better than nothing. However, I had a slim hope that my iPhone might be salvageable.

When we got home, the iPhone was still working, so I wiped it dry and put it in a bag of rice to see what would happe in the morning. I didn’t really hold out a lot of hope that it would still be working in the morning.

Low and behold, when I went out and turned it on, it did!

I was pretty damned surprised that it turned on and that everything still seemed to be working fine after 6 hours of being submerged in water.

Needless to say I was very, very impressed.

Next up was whether it would still charge. No problem it is charging normally as I write this.

The reality is that

I got lucky:

First that I was able to find the iPhone. The Find My Phone app worked pretty well and it knew the phone was underwater and showed it being in the only water in the local area that is on a map. Which gave me an idea of where to look.

Second, that the phone is still working after being submerged for more than six hours.

So thank you to the engineers at Apple who designed a phone that was able to survive this particular episode of Harold being Harold. A special thank you to my wife who was willing to go outside at almost midnight to help me hunt for my phone.

Yeah, the iPhone 7 is still working and hopefully it continues to.

See, I do stoopid stuff and write about it.




  1. Whew – pretty lucky! I have never had a water issue, but my kids have … and have not been so fortunate!

    I am happy that companies like Apple and Samsung are making more waterproof (or extremely water resistant) phones now.

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