A Pretty Good Tempo Run – RunLog 5/16/19

Yesterday was a rest day, I think that mentally I needed the rest more than physically. I find that when I get a longer running streak (for me) going it become more an head thing and while had a 25 day running streak going. It was time for a day off.

Today – No rain, decent temps – well at least I was able to wear shorts/t-shirt, while there was a bit of a breeze going out, it was almost on my back coming back and a little/lot of partly cloudy. Pretty nice day for running actually.

I wore the Nike Zoom Fly v1s and they just let me cruize at faster speeds than I usually do at this effort level, which is nice. Yes, I do believe that they change my stride slightly and in turn make my running a bit more efficient. Not something that I say lightly, because shoes are an X factor when it comes to running and shouldn’t make that big of a difference when I run, but my leg swing is different in the Zoom Fly v1 than any shoe I have run in a while.

Why do I say that?

Today was a scheduled 3 mile tempo run and I had planned on doing 7.0 miles total, with 1.0 mile warm-up and then each mile after 3.0 doing a body check to see how things were holding up and then shut it down if there were any complaints that the bodys was making. I wanted to get my faster paces into the 7:40s, but I was not going for anything faster.

z-Annotation 2019-05-16 210819

First Mile was just getting things in gear and even though most of it is on the dirt road, I was pretty shocked when I saw the time at the mile mark.

Mile 2 was pretty much into a 10 mph headwind and I wasn’t quite ready to start pushing the pace all that much

Mile 3 was still into that same breeze and my playlist had gotten to the race music, so I was picking up the pace without really pushing the effort all that hard

Mile 4 I got to the end of Tiffany and turned around and started downhill and the wind was mostly at my back all the way to the finish.

Mile 5 I did pick up the pace for what I figured would be the last faster mile, I was getting tired and my left lower quad was starting to complain a bit more than usual, so I knew that it was going be a 2.0 mile cool-down at that point.

Mile 6 Nice slower pace

Mile 7 I might have picked up the pace a little for the home to top of the hill, just to see how the quad felt (no issues) and if I could get close to the segment time.

I ended up with a pretty good 5K and even though I slowed down quite a bit during mile 6 I still had a good 10K time. I didn’t get the segment but I came pretty close to getting it at the end of a 7.0 mile run, which is good.

It was one of my better tempo runs, but I do have to do some quad work I have a feeling with the way the Zoom Flys are allowing me to run.

Also I have to put a new 500 gb SSD into my Lenovo Thinkpad 230T, it won’t be all that difficult, I just have to get around to doing it, before the old hard drive dies, so that I can clone the drive versus starting from scratch again. Now to do it. 🙂

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