No Track Tuesday-But Speedwork Done

The rains returned overnight and while we didn’t get the predicted snow, we did have pretty raw conditions this morning.


Today is track Tuesday and with the weather, the way it was, running circles on the track seemed like a great way to find my way to an injury. That combination of rain, 37*F and a light breeze kind of thing that makes me just want to head straight inside for the treadmill.

So that is what I did

I was planning to do 6 x 800 / 1/2 mile repeats and probably a few faster strides to get a total of 7.0 miles in. How much did I change things up?

Oh yeah, I forgot my Garmin, so I depended on my Milestone Pod for stats today, not ideal, but it worked out fine.

  • 7 x .50 @ what I want for my next 5K race pace
  • 5 x .10 @ faster than projected 5K races pace
  • recoveries done at 6.5 mph

Going in I wasn’t really all that into the idea of running fast today and almost bagged the workout before I even began. However, I have been attempting to stay within the guidelines of the training plan and it did call for doing speedwork, so I was going to start the session and see how I was feeling after the first half mile repeat.

z Annotation 2019-05-14 171735

Once I got going things felt pretty good and I decided to go with it. The last couple of planned repeats were getting harder, then I decided in my infinite wisdom to add one more half mile repeat to the mix to get to an even 6.0 miles so that the last mile could be a set of 5 strides to get the 7.0 miles in.


Nothing broke during the repeats and while I had a couple of complaints on the recovery portions, they were not anything to worry about.

It was a helluva sweatfest.


I did wear the Nike Zoom Fly v1s again and they did great. On the Milestone App it showed me about 50/50 mid/high leg swing, which is about what I would expect for this kind of workout.

Now to figure out which contractor(s) to use for the new windows, maybe a deck and bathroom/kitchen rehab this summer. Met the first one this afternoon, looks like a long and expensive summer in our future. However, it will be nice to get the house updated a bit and do some of the things we have always wanted.

That being said sticker shock is real.

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