Jon & Mike took me out towards Summerhaven – RunLog 5-13-19

No rain – yet. We are supposed to get another storm tonight and possibly some snow, so I definitely wanted to get outside this morning. Jon sent an email telling me that Mike and he were running at 11:00a – needless to say I was there about 10:40a to start stretching.

I do enjoy running with them, it is nice to listen to the conversations and join in every so often. I am still learning their running preferences and conversational styles, so while I am fairly quiet for the most part, I listen, smile and enjoy the company. I just am not used to running with other people all that much, plus my social skills have declined a bit since I left the world of work.

ZAnnotation 2019-05-13 211746

However, they took me out towards the Summerhaven Road today. It is a course that I have pretty much avoided due to the hills out there and the road is pretty narrow, with a LOT of large trucks heading out to and coming back from the Summerhaven Pits.

Yeah, the hills were there and I have a feeling that I will be doing the Summerhaven to Civic Center Drive Loop at some future time, now that I have done the route with them.

We had a good run and my plan called for 6.0 miles, so instead of turning in with them at Spectrum, I kept going straight to get the extra mile in.

It was a really good run and the company was good.

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