A Nice 5.0 on Middle Road – RunLog 5/11/19

This didn’t auto-publish like it was supposed to…oh well, not a biggie by any stretch of the imagination

Yesterday’s rain is gone.


well most of it, but the roads were clear this morning, the sun was shining and while there was a 10-15 mph breeze out of the NW, it was still nice enough to just wear shorts/t-shirt.

Which was nice.

Today the plan called for an easy 6.0 miles, but I did a little more yesterday, so I decided that 5.0 was all I would be doing today. All I had to do was figure out which course it would be…after thinking about it I decided on the Middle Road Loop.

Even though it does have more traffic, it also has more hills and since hills are one of my weaknesses, they are something that I have to work on. So I am going to run more of them going forward and work on form and knee drive going up them.

The first couple of miles were faster than I my effort level felt, but once I got over on the Middle Road, the second bigger hill slowed me down a bit. I did work on moving my butt a bit more efficiently and felt pretty strong going over it.


Then once I got over on Blake Road I was slowed down by the headwind. I think that the gentle breeze was closer to 15-20 mph and provided a great strength workout going through that section.

Once I got on the dirt road, I did slow down because the footing while pretty good, had a lot of small ruts, puddles, and some muddy sections. I didn’t want to turn an ankle or anything so while I could have bombed along at a pretty good clip, I made the choice to keep the body as my first priority versus a faster time on an easy training run. 🙂

See I can think once in a while.

During the run, I accomplished what I wanted, got good hill work in, more miles on the legs and got home in one piece. Oh yeah, I even got over 100 miles on the Epic Reacts so they are ready for a review to see how they actually worked for me.

Then this afternoon, I had to replace the posts for the wagon wheels, which meant drilling holes for the solar lamps on top and putting them into the ground. I got lucky on that part the new posts fit down into the old holes, so that part went smoothly.

However, we didn’t really want to put the wagon wheels on the ground and we both agree that having them up on the cement blocks does not look great, but we need to figure out an alternative. However, the wagon wheels are old steel wheels and weight about 60 pounds each, so whatever we decide on needs to be pretty sturdy.

Overall, the run did exactly what I wanted from it and getting those wagon wheels up for Mary’s Mothers Day present was important to me, but now to figure out a better solution for the wheels to be off the ground, but still looks decent and will hold up the heavy wheels.

Another day in the life. 🙂

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