A Bit of This and That – RunLog 5/9/19

I keep typing 4 versus 5 when I type in what month it is, I am still having issues with processing that it is already May 9th and with the weather…well my body is telling me it is still April.

Yesterday, the wind was definitely a freaking cold wind from the North and while today was a bit balmier, I started the day with a winter coat, watch cap and gloves at 32*F on the thermometer. So while it might officially be Spring and May, the body is saying it is still too damn chilly.

Oh well, the weather is just something I love to bitch about, but like most folk, I just deal with it as it comes, because there is not a helluva lot else you can do about it.

Yesterday, I did a nice 4.0-mile recovery run with Jon down in Augusta. I had forgotten how much I do enjoy running with others, after so many years of running primarily by myself.

Today was supposed to be a 3.0-mile tempo run at about 10K pace – 4-5 miles total. However, I wasn’t really feeling like doing the tempo run and figure that I would have to play on the treadmill Friday due to the forecast of nasty weather and doing the tempo workout then would be a better use of that time than attempting it today.

I decided on something a bit longer, but not quite at the intensity of a tempo run up in Waterville. Right up until I pulled into the Shaw’s parking lot on KMD I hadn’t really figured out what course to do. Finally, I saw which direction the wind was blowing and settled on doing the Colby Loop.

I purposely didn’t attempt to push the pace all that much until after I got past Mayflower Hill on Washington. I wanted to see how the Zoom Flys did at slower speeds and if they would be comfortable enough to just run in. They did just fine, although, on the downhills and flats, I seemed to have sped up a bit without trying too much. I did have a couple of pitstops that popped up suddenly and luckily were in places where I could do something about the issues.

zAnnotation 2019-05-09 201356

Once I got up the little hill coming out of Colby, I did purposely pick up the pace a bit. The effort level was in the comfortably hard range and I had another gear or two that I could have done if I had a need or wanted to go faster. The Zoom Flys really showed their stuff at the sub 8:00-minute pace range, although the bottom of my feet seemed a little tender at about mile 6.0.

It wasn’t anything that bothered me, it just was there and a little distraction.

I had hoped to get 3.0 miles of sub 8:00-minute pace in, but I wimped out a little or lost my focus on the bumps coming back along First Rangeway. They always seem to beat me up at the end of the run, but I after I got done and reviewed the graphs/splits I was still pretty happy that I was running that well at the end of a 7.0 mile plus run.

A nice run and my running streak hit its 20th day. I am not sure how much longer I will streak, but the old body will tell me when it has had enough. 🙂

I was very impressed with how well the Zoom Flys did on a longer run. They were mostly comfortable, worked well with my weird stride and once I changed out the laces to shorter, I wasn’t wacking my other leg each time with each step.

Now I have to make tomorrow’s predicted treadmill run an easy one since I did a little faster session today.

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