Procrastination Day? – RunLog 5-6-19

Yeah, today I did my best to delay doing most everything that I eventually got done…yes today.

This morning I went up to Waterville with the idea that I was going for a run. Instead, I looked around for Mary’s Mother’s Day gift(s) and found a couple of things, but wanted to think about them overnight before I head out to get what I saw this morning.

About the time I was getting back in the truck, I had an email from Jon saying that Mike and he were meeting down at Planet Fitness in Augusta for a run at 11:30. Well now, I like running with those two and while It was 10:50, I figured that I could hot-foot it down to Augusta and get there in time to run with them.

Besides, it was a beautiful day and I didn’t want to waste it inside or outside just doing chores around the house.


I did make it down in time and we had a nice and easy 4.0 miler. Exactly what the training plan called for and just what the doctor ordered after yesterday’s long run. If Jon hadn’t sent that email I was seriously contemplating taking a day off. So my hat’s off to Jon for keeping me honest.

Then it was time for a trip to Sam’s Club for necessary supplies, always a trip that I end up with something neat – like a new pair of shorts for wearing around, since I haven’t bothered to get my summer stuff out yet for some reason or other.

When we got home it was the usual afternoon dog walk and then one of the jobs that I have procrastinated on for the past two years. Power washing the house, I hate doing this because the well-water is freaking cold as hell and I get soaked down. By the time I get done with everything, I am shivering and shaking and pretty close to hypothermic. Plus my wrists and shoulders ache like a bastard when I get done – not something I enjoy doing.

So yeah, I tend to avoid, delay and procrastinate this chore. I almost got out of it, the power washer didn’t want to start and after 20 minutes of pulling on the starter cord,  when I told Mary three more tries and I am putting the damn thing back in the garage.

On the second to last pull, guess what – the damn thing started!!! Shit no delaying things now. It takes about an hour and a half to do wash down the house and it does make a difference. The power wash gets rid of gunk, pollution, grime, moss, bird crap and whatever has collected on the siding quite nicely.

However, by the time I got done, I was shivering and shaking, the hands were suspiciously bluish colored and not feeling a whole lot. I couldn’t take a hot shower, because it takes about an hour for the well to regroup from the power wash lowering the water level. So I dried off and changed into some warm clothes, sat in my recliner with the blanket over me and slowly warmed up.

Finally, the feeling came back into my hands and I started to feel human again. Yeah, power washing the house is just one of those things that you gotta suck it up and do once or twice a year. Not an enjoyable thing, but necessary.

All I know is that I am pretty well wiped out this evening and bedtime is probably going to come sooner than later.

Especially now that I have heard that the Celtics lost again. It doesn’t look like the Kyrie experiment is going to pay dividends this year. Oh well, it is just a spectator sport and not something actually impacts my life, it is just something that I have followed through the good times and the bad since Henry Finkle was a Celtic.

A good day, but not one that I was allowed to procrastinate quite as much as I thought was going to happen.

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