This Was My First Day of Spring – RunLog 5-4-19

Yeah, today actually felt like Spring, the wind didn’t have that chilliness to it that it has had. When the chill is not felt in the breeze that is when I consider it Spring, not some arbitrary date on the calendar.


Today was e-waste disposal day over at the Augusta Civic Center and when I got there at 11:00a the line was outside of the parking lot and I was warned that they might close down the line at any time since they were almost at capacity. Luckily I made it through, gave a $20 contribution and got rid of all that stuff in the photo yesterday. It looked like they closed the line down about 5 vehicles behind me and were turning away some, so I just barely made it.

Since I was already in Augusta, I decided beforehand to head down to the Kennebec River Rail Trail and planned on an easier 5-6 miles.

When I started there was this bright, shiny thing in the sky that sort of blinded me if I looked straight at it. Yeah, the sun was out and felt good.

I wasn’t planning on running fast, so I wore the Karhus and while I like them, my right foot doesn’t like them all that much. They did fine through mile 3-4, but after that my right foot started to bother and by the time I got done it didn’t hurt, but how they felt was a big distraction and if I had continued running, it would not have been fun.

Other than that the run was comfortable. I was able to accidentally cop a couple of segment record, without trying and did feel like I was pushing the effort level except for when I went up the little hill to Capitol Park by the YMCA. I did pick up the pace a little, but not really a hard push, so I was surprised at how well I did.

Sometimes it is not how hard you run, but how comfortable you feel during it. Today, while my effort level was about where I wanted it to be for an easy run, I was not comfortable due to how my foot felt. I am not sure why the Karhu’s felt like they did after only 3 or so miles, but I think it has something to do with the taper of the forefoot and how the side presses my metatarsals together. All I can say is that the fit of the shoe does not seem to get along with my weirdly shaped foot (thanks to a tailor’s bunionette).

Too bad, but sometimes it is the way it goes. I can still use them as walking shoes, but as far as using them for recovery runs, it doesn’t look like they are going to be part of the solution.

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