Doing the Tempo Run I Missed – RunLog 5-3-19

As the old saying goes, “life goes on” and so it does.

While I am still concerned, worried and all that other stuff about Dad, but life does indeed go on and I purposely went about my normal routine today. Which kept me busy and my mind focused on other things.

While I had a faster than expected workout yesterday, I didn’t really do the tempo run that was called for in my training plan and had actually planned on swapping out the tempo run to today before I went up North.

However, the weather outside was low 40’s and raw. I didn’t feel like dealing with those temps while running faster for a longer period. Now I wasn’t going to do anything stoopid, I was planning on a mile warm-up, three miles at what I think my half marathon race pace might be and a set of 5 strides at a fast for me pace.

What did I end up doing?

Annotation 2019-05-03 195002

  • 1.0-mile warm-up. A little faster than usual, but still an easy pace.
  • 2.0 miles at my hoped for half marathon race pace. I ran comfortably at this pace and felt like I had plenty left, so I decided to increase the pace a little more for the last mile.
  • 1.0 mile at a little faster pace, even at the faster pace I still felt really good and seriously thought about doing one more mile, but I am attempting to stay pretty close to the training plan and let it go.
  • .1 recovery and then on to the fast for me strides
  • 4 x .10 strides at a faster than 5K race pace. They did feel good, although the left ankle had to snap on the first one and after that everything felt fine.
  • .3 cooldown

It was a nice workout and one that I have completed successfully before, so I was pretty confident going in about how it should go. I did wear the Nike Zoom Fly again and they did just fine. Although the right foot was starting to complain just a tiny bit after 5.0 hard miles on the treadmill. Which is not all that unusual for me.

They do fine outside, but I have a feeling that they are going to be 6.0-mile shoes on the treadmill. Not a bad thing, but not quite up to the standard that the Beacons made for me on the treadmill.

Overall a good run and one that I was happy with.

This afternoon I went out in the back of the garage and rounded up a lot of the old electronic stuff that we had been storing out there.


Tomorrow is e-waste disposal day in Augusta and it was time to weed through the stuff that either doesn’t work or it is simply time to get rid of them since we will never use them again.

If the weather ever gets decent for a more than a couple of days, I am going to clear out the garage and get the mess in there under control. Something we haven’t done for a few years and is badly needed.

Another of those busy days.





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