Running After The Rains – RunLog 4-27-19

The rains have continued…

Yeah, it was pretty nasty overnight and this morning I saw standing water in places I have never seen before. Not really a good thing, but the way it is.

Initially, I was going to go to the gym and put in more time on the treadmill. However, after we got done walking Bennie the rains eased up and I was able to get a run in between the raindrops. The breeze was still blowing a bit, but nothing totally stoopid, so I was happy to be outside.

The roads were still a bit wet, but I am finding that the outsole on the Epic React v1s works just fine on wet tar and even has a decent grip on the sandy crap that is on most roads in the area – after this long winter.

About the run itself, I purposely wanted to go slower and didn’t push the pace. I did focus on lifting my knees coming back up Philbrick Hill and tied my fastest time coming up that thing, without actually attempting to push the pace. Who knows maybe I am getting in a little better shape than I have for a while.

It was just another good 4 plus mile run. Something that I want to keep doing for a long time.

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