Running Down South – RunLog 4-24-19

Road Trip Day!!!

I head South (below Portland) a couple of times a year, to shop, have a nice lunch, but it is to mainly to run and talk with Sam W about running shoes and whatever else is going on.

It seems that many of the times that I make this trip that the weather makes me scratch my head and wonder what the run is going to be like. Then usually by the time I get to New Hampshire the weather clears enough to enjoy the run. Today was no different.

By the time I got there, the rain had stopped,the breeze had calmed down to nice levels and was just about perfect for a really great run.

It was great to talk with Sam and the 6.0 mile run went by way too fast. The conversations were wide-ranging and remembering them makes me smile when I think back to the run.


Photo by Sam Winebaum – Road, Trail, Run of an old Coastie, with a couple of U.S. Coast Guard Cutters in the background, which brings back a few memories of days long past for me.


We were geeking out a bit on some photography on this little bridge with a great view in the background.

While I really enjoy the run and scenic area that we run – The New Castle, NH loop, the conversation and Sam’s company is what I enjoy the most. I always learn a lot and come home with ideas that I can use to help improve my running after talking with Sam.

Although when we finished the sun came out and the temps were starting to climb to where I was very comfortable in a short sleeve t-shirt. Just wait a bit up here and the weather will change.

On the way back home, I did stop at the Nike Outlet Store in Kittery and looked really closely at a pair of Zoom Fly v1, but they were just a little too big in a 9.5 and the price seemed too much for what they are.


especially when the same shoe in a different colorway was $30.00 less, although in a larger size. When I pointed it out to a store employee, he just blew me off and asked “if I had any other questions”.

At that point, I decided that I probably didn’t need the shoes – all that much.

It was a really good day and after supper I might have ordered a pair of Zoom Fly Flyknits for a price better than the Outlet store’s price for v1, so it was a good thing that I didn’t get the ones down there. Sometimes stuff happens for a reason.

The reality is that

I do enjoy these South trips and look forward to them quite a bit. Next time I hope that the weather is better for the trip down, but it hasn’t stopped me yet. 😉

A fun day and yes, I am still smiling.

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