Rainy Easter Run -RunLog 4/21/19

Happy Easter and I hope the Bunny was kind to you this morning. The photos of the grandkids were great and made me wish that I could have been there to watch and listen to them.


Well, the rain showers are still with us today.


However, this is the kind of light rain that I actually enjoy running in. You know the 50*F, just past a mist, but not quite a steady rain, with a hint of a breeze. The 100% humidity was a bit tougher, but everything worked itself out.

The roads were wet, but the Epic Reacts did just fine on the wet pavement and leftover sand from last winter. Although I did get a bit of road gunk on the toes for some reason or other. I wonder how my running form in these shoes causes this, because I have noticed this on some other rainy day runs in the Epic Reacts as well.


Today the plan called for a long run, but with everything going on, getting time in for 5.0 was going to have to be good enough.

I started out easy and ran comfortably until the bright blue box at the end of Pepin called my name very loudly and I had to stop and visit for a couple of minutes. After that quick break, I continued at a very comfortable pace until I got to Philbrick Hill.

I did push the effort a bit harder going up the hill and got a 2nd fastest segment, which really surprised me. It was not so much that I worked harder, it was more me working on my stride. That lifting up my knees going uphill, versus my usual old-man shuffle.

After that, I just ran and did what the body felt like doing ending up with 5.4 miles at a faster than I expected pace.

Overall, a nice run and a good way to end a challenging week.

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