Interesting New Dance – RunLog 4-20-19

That nobody else got to enjoy.

Whew that could have been really, really interesting or bad for my fragile ego, if anyone had gotten that one on video. Luckily no cameras were there and the only one who got to enjoy my wonderful dance moves was the squirrel that headed for the hills when all hell broke loose or a better description would be when I got a little foot loose.

Anyway more on that later, over 7.0 miles in the books this morning. However, when I first looked at my weather I wasn’t all that sure about how/when I was going to get them in.


The temps were great low 60’s in the forecast, but it was the heavy rains that were my main concern along with those red and yellow areas on the weather radar. You know those red and yellow warning things that have the bad juju, bright lights and loud noises when running outside – I don’t my gray hair any curlier than it already gets in 100% humidity. Luckily none of that stuff has happened so far – Bennie is the happier because of it.


I was able to avoid most of the rain on Bennie’s 2.0 mile walk down-back. Yeah, we walked down-back, once we got by where the locals have been mud running with their 4WD vehicles, the road was in a LOT better shape than I thought it would be. Which meant that I didn’t have to drive into town to get my longer run in today.

Hip Hip Hoorah

Yeah, I was able to pick my way through the mud run area and then weave around the puddles and soft spots to get over to Tiffany Road. I gotta admit I was fairly slow going through down-back in both directions, but at least it is now passable.


Today was all about a comfortable effort and not about the pace. I didn’t bother looking at the Garmin during the run because I didn’t really care what it said. Going out I felt really strong and having the wind at my back made things fairly warmish, but nice.

The bad thing about a 10mph tailwind is that when you are doing an out and back course that that nice feeling breeze at your back, suddenly becomes a F*&%ing 10-15 mph headwind and beats the shit out of your effort levels. hehehee oh well, I knew what direction the wind was blowing when I started, so I have no one to blame but me.

Yeah, coming back from Goodhue was a bit of struggle in places with that “wonderful” breeze in my face, but once I accepted my fate and stopped struggling as hard to maintain that wonderfully easy pace I had been doing on the way out, the run wasn’t all that bad.

Annotation 2019-04-20 150218

No negative splits today that is for sure.

The Nike Epic React FK’s did just fine on the wet tar and dirt.

They are NOT mud runners!!!

Getting back to some serious dance moves, when I did get into a bit of mud in one soft area. Yeah, I almost ended up face-first, then arse first, when my foot slid through on the landing. Nothing serious, but I could have done some serious mud flogging around if I hadn’t been amazingly graceful on my feet – I did some simply brilliant dance maneuvers that would have been great for an audition on So You Think You Dance. Okay it was a LOT closer to one of those America’s Funniest Video moments – that luckily no one was around to document and I know there are no security cameras there to capture the moment either.

Oh well, after I got myself back on more solid footing, I waved the sweat off my brow, smiled that smile you get when you just avoided being covered in mud, muck and I really don’t want to know what else – then got to continue running.

Althought the left hammie did seem a bit more talkative after that encounter of the almost muddy kind. Nothing serious and a bit of foam rolling will be in order this afternoon.

Longest run yet in the Epic Reacts and they are doing better than I expected them to.

When I was finishing up the rains came for a minute and as I write this post, the rains are coming down like a cow pissing on a flat rock, so the rains are hanging around pretty good this afternoon. Which means not much outside work is being done and the rest of the day is going to be pretty relaxing.

A pretty good run and I can say that I am glad that I somehow avoided my mud bath this morning.

The other thing is that I suck at dancing. 🙂

Nope I will not take the Epic Reacts on too many trails either.

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