Surprise Speed Workout & Busy Day – RunLog 4-16-19

Tuesdays are my primary speed work day, but the past two days have been a bit quicker than normal, so I wasn’t really planning to do a faster run today. If anything, I planned on a short and slower run.

MMMMMmmmm Harold you didn’t do what you planned did you?


I have been running in the Nike Epic React FK v1s for the past two days and am really liking how they feel on my feet. Today was windy as all get out and I decided on Bennie’s long walk to go ahead and run on the treadmill today. Mostly to see how the Epic Reacts did on that thing.

The first mile was a warm-up at a nice easy pace and at about 3/4 of a mile I thought about doing a speedwork session, but really wasn’t into something that was overly difficult. At the least minute I decided to do a half mile hard, recover a quarter and then six to eleven more quarter mile repeats at race pace with a quarter recovery, to get in over 3.0 miles of harder effort.

Annotation 2019-04-16 205752

I ended up doing all eleven repeats. I was feeling really strong despite the previous days runs, which means tomorrow I will go easy and see how the Epic Reacts do on an actual slow run.

Getting back to today’s run – it was a nice effort, not super hard, but enough to get my attention and make me work a bit to finish the workout. My left hamstring was a little – not so much tight, but more just letting me know it was still there for the last three repeats. If it had started talking to me any more I would have shut it down, but it felt pretty good on the faster repeats, so I kept going, it whispered to me on the recovery sections.

When I got back to the house, the Arborist was there to take down some trees around the power line. We had talked to them a couple of weeks ago and they were supposed to call first. They didn’t. I wanted them to drop the trees and I will do the cleanup – cheaper that way and I get to do more of my physical fitness program to get rid of the debris.

Annotation 2019-04-16 212604


As I expected the neighbors called to ask about helping with cleanup (they get the firewood – I had gone over to their house earlier and they were not home), since I have plenty of wood all ready put away, seems like a good deal to me. We do attempt to help each other out a bit out heah.

After they got done, Mary let me know that she had made an appointment to get the Cherokee’s brake lines replaced and we needed to drop it off this afternoon too.

Just one of those days that a lot of stuff is going on and a pretty good workout that I hadn’t planned on doing. Then after supper, we looked out the window and saw a flock of blackbirds in the backyard.




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