Back Inside–RunLog 4-8-19

White Shite go away, there is nothing here for you to see!!!

Snow Day 4-8-19

Yeah, snow just go away. This morning the snow was just enough to make up my mind to head inside for a recovery run on the treadmill – again.

Oh well, just the way it works out sometimes.

I do have to admit that I am more likely to do my warm-up routine if I go to Planet Fitness and did it again today. I really believe that the Chi Running warm-up, plus my body weight squats and push-up have made a huge difference in reducing the number of times that the old body talks nasty to me. A very good thing.

So yes, I did the warm-up today.

Then I got on the treadmill, focused on arm swing and landing quietly for the next 4.75 miles at 6.5 mph. When I got to that point I decided that I wanted to get the run over with. I wasn’t tired, but the locker room was calling and I decided to pop it up to faster than race pace to see how I felt.

No issues – felt strong and got the 5.0 miles done and over.

The New Balance Beacons did go over 300 miles and while they are not quite the cushioned shoe they were at the start they are still the best shoes that I have for running on the treadmill and I can

Then this afternoon, I got to play around with the snow scoop and not try to dig up the driveway too much.

I will be glad when the white shite finally goes away until next Wintah.

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