The Winds of Change–RunLog 4/1/19

Happy April Fool’s Day – I hope that you got to chuckle and laugh a few times today.

No nothing in this post will be on the Fool side of the coin, but I did chuckle a few times over the course of the day.

This morning’s run was brought to me by Zephyrus, the ancient god of the west wind and he was definitely blowing at a pretty steady 20 mph, with gusts that made me run in place a couple of times. The temps were purported to be 32*F, but with the wind chills, I really do not believe that the feels like temps ever reached freezing. Yeah, my history buff side is showing and the ancient Greek mythologies were one of my favorite subjects.


Even so, I will call the winds this week the “Winds of Change” and once we get by the N’oreastah (rain with a chance of snow on Wednesday), the weather should start getting more Spring-like. We will see, but the snow is leaving the back yard and the puddles are getting bigger.

So yeah, the winds played a big factor in the run today. On the way out it wasn’t bad and after the first mile I purposely slowed down. This was supposed to be an easy recovery run, but where I didn’t run a long run yesterday, I had a little extra pop in my step than I normally would have.

Even so, I when I was coming back out of Pepin (against the wind) and up the Philbrick Hill (against the wind), I still managed to somehow keep a decent pace without trying.

Once I got to the top of the hill, even though I was only scheduled for 4.0 miles, I decided that I was feeling good enough that I wanted to do one more. It was a good choice and I enjoyed myself even though the breeze was pretty stiff in places.

Usually, I dislike running in heavy winds, just one of my foibles, but today I decided that I was just going to do it and did. While I will do my speedwork and tempo runs on the treadmill for a while longer (faster speeds and colder weather, usually result in pulled muscles for me), I plan to start running outside more often, unless the weather is totally shit – you know like a N’oreastah.

A nice easy run, but now I gotta start working on my slow runs being slower, because my fast runs are going to be getting faster – a lot faster if I do it right.

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