A Glorious 7.0 Miler–RunLog

Great news, the foot is fine, it just needed yesterday off!!!

Phew, I dodged a bullet on that one and it is one that I could have avoided in the first place if I wasn’t so damn stubborn and would have stopped, when the pain started at 3.5 mile on Monday’s run, versus continuing to run to get that even number of 4.0 miles. Guess my OCD kicked in too much.


What a freaking gorgeous day! I ran for the first time outside without a running jacket, but while I survived just fine without a hat/gloves, there were a couple of times that I wished I had worn them. There was just enough of a breeze to notice it.

Today’s run was down on the Rail Trail and it was clear with just a couple of sections with some left over ice, but when I got to mile marker 3.5 after Hallowell, I could see some pretty big patches of ice still on the trail so I turned around there.


I was surprised at how well the run went, but very happy with how I felt. I even picked up the pace a little the last couple of miles. A very consistent run, that went from an easy one to a moderate progression. Some days you just gotta go with how you feel.


  1. Harold, glad to see the problem with the RunFasts went away. Were you in the Beacon today? I have been curious to try the RunFasts myself, but have been reluctant to buy a pair just yet. I am still running in my old faithful Tempo 9s. They are not very exciting, but they do seem to suit me and don’t cause any fuss.

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    • Mike – I ran with the Beacons, after how I felt Monday, the RunFasts are going to a new home. If you are an 8.5 you can have them free 🙂 I will stick with boring but works…Tempo 9s and Beacons for a while longer. 😉


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