Back to Running – 5.0 In the Books – RunLog 3-20-19

Well there, I took the last couple of days off, just to give the olde body a break, but you know something, I really think that the brain needed the break as much or even more than the body did.

Either way taking off that couple of days allowed me to reset the things, get my mojo back in line with the way I want to feel about my running and by the time I got to my run this morning, I was ready to run.

Actually, I wanted to run.

Which is how I want to feel.

However, running down-back isn’t really an option yet, the melt, re-freeze, melt cycle is making a mess and even at 9-10 in the morning the ice is not my friend.

Also it was the first day of Spring and the weather was about as good as it gets this time of year. Mid to upper 30s, bright sunshine and of course a pretty steady breeze out of the Southwest.

So of course I was going to run outside. I am hoping that this week becomes my transition week, to running most of my runs outside going forward. I would like to only do my strength or speed sessions on Tuesday’s on the treadmill for a while longer. Only because I seem to be more consistent with my training and don’t attempt to be too stoopid about running way faster than I need or should be running those workouts.

Well how was the run?

It was a nice and easy on one, where I focused more on how I was feeling than attempting to maintain a certain pace or effort. Yeah, the last mile I picked it up a little when I turned around at the Commerce Center lights and came back against the breeze down Civic Center Drive.

However, for the most part this was all about just enjoying the run and you know something I did.

This is what I needed for this week.

Tomorrow I have to head down to Portland, so I will most likely run around Back Cove a couple of times and smile a lot. I might even get over to Fleet Feet Sports and Trader Joe’s after the run.

In other news, I have a feeling that I am going to retire the adidas Tempo 9s pretty soon, the left heel cup is getting pretty saggy and while I could push them for another 100 miles or so if I really had to. I don’t have to, I have two more pair of Tempo 9s sitting in the closet, so I will be getting one pair out and retiring my current T9s to either daily walkers.

A pretty good run, where I got a few things straightened out in my head and a couple of choices thought out and figured out that the status quo is not the direction that I want to go.

Also I got the Passion Paradox by Steve Magness on Kindle this morning and have gotten a couple of chapters in, it actually looks like a good read. He is one of the “they” that I do follow on Twitter, read his blogs and listen to some of the podcasts, so Magness is one of those authors that I do listen to about running more than most.

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