Busy, But Got the Run In – RunLog 3-11-19

Another one of those days where the running is necessarily squeezed into the other needs of life that is going on around me. No it is nothing serious, just life making time for running a little more difficult than I want it to be.

Yesterday we had one of those miserable little winter storms that leaves just enough snow on the ground to bring out the snowblower this morning. You know about 4-5 inches of stuff, with a crust from the rain at the end of the snowstorm.

That took about an hour and half to get it done and all the twisting, turning and playing with the beastly snowblower made for sore: hips, knees, shoulders and wrists again. In winter the snowblower and the rest of the year it is the lawn mower that beat me up. I am now pretty sure that I know what causes my right hip to complain more than anything else. This morning I noticed that it is the leg that I pivot on when I make 90% of my turns and after I got done, guess what was complaining – the right hip.

So what do I do with this new knowledge – I am not sure…I cannot stop snowblowing or mowing the lawn this summer and getting a lawn tractor brings other issues that I prefer not to deal with for a few more years. So for now it is enough to know what at least part of the cause for the right hip bothering. Now to figure out the next step.

It was actually pretty nice outside and once I got done with the snowblowing, Bennie and I walked 2.0 miles down-back. Someone had plowed the road and it was in better shape than some of the local tar roads for driving – flat and smooth, no potholes, but also quite a bit of ice right under the surface snow. While driving on it would be pretty good, the idea of running on it did not really appeal to me – staying upright might have been a bit too optional.

Plus the roads had a lot of melt water, puddles and were just wet. Which would have meant soaked feet and not being all that much fun. Which meant heading to Planet Fitness for the treadmill.

The run itself was 5.0 miles at 6.3 mph for the entire time. Nothing really complained once I got going and it was all about just doing it. I got done and talked with Mike P. For a few minutes about what we were doing for training. Otherwise it was just one of those git it done runs. 🙂

Then I had to hustle home, eat a quick lunch and head to the Ford Dealership for service work on the Transit. Nothing serious, but we do attempt to keep up with the scheduled maintenance, especially with a long trip coming up in the next month or so. Better to get things up to snuff now than out on the road and having to go to some strange repair shop and well…you know the horror stories.

I still have a few more stops after I get done here and will probably get home just in time for Bennie’s net walk, before having to go into supper routine. For an old retired guy, I have sure been busy over the last year. I would love for things to slow down a bit more for us, but it doesn’t seem to be in the cards for the foreseeable future.

Maybe someday, until then I get to whine about how busy I am…yeah, I have a feeling that I am not really all that busy compared to many of you out there, but it is a matter of perspective and expectations I have a sneaking suspicion.

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