Almost Beat the Snow – RunLog 310-19

After yesterday’s long run, I wasn’t sure where I was going to run this morning. It came down to when the snow was going to get here and how screwed up I felt after the frigging time change. This is the one that always messes the most with my head and body.

Yep, we got up late according to the “new” time, same time as it would have been yesterday, so according to Hoyle, I was already running behind and stayed that way the rest of the morning. Bennie and I walked 2.0 miles down-back and I decided that there was no way I would be running down there again for a while. Too much white ice and not enough snow on top of it, to get any traction.

However, the snow was holding off and I really didn’t feel like heading into town for a treadmill workout today. Which meant going down Philbrick Hill and then coming back up it to get home kind of course. One of those damned to do it kind of runs. Plus even though the thermometer may have said 22*F, it was on of those bone chilling 22* where the slight breeze would just go right through you.

I can tell the adidas Tempo 9s are starting to break down a bit on the upper, because the heel cup when I put them on folds down and is a bear to get it in it proper place again. Although once I get it unfolded and where it is supposed to be the shoe is still comfortable. It is just getting it there that is the pain in the arse.

Really, I had zero idea how I would feel and just decided to run easy. Going down Philbrick of course my left shoe came untied, which is par for the course. So I had to stop and re-tie it and seemed to pick up the pace a little more than when I stopped without any additional effort.

Yeah, the roads had some ice melt and re-freeze from yesterday spots that were easy to avoid for most of the run. The new houses being built at the end of Pepin are going to be huge, I know that I wouldn’t want the mortgages they will command.

I was surprised at how well I was feeling all the way back to Philbrick Hill and while I slowed down considerably going up it, when I looked at the Strava segment for it, it was the 3rd fastest time for it. I know that I am running hills better for some reason than I was last year, but to run the 3rd fastest time on that hill in March in full winter gear on a recovery run is a pretty positive thing.

Of course, when I got to the top of the hill the first snow flakes started, which meant that I may have purposely sped up a little to get it over with before the road got snow covered and covered up the ice patches and made things a bit more “interesting”.

By the time I finished, the snow was just starting to accumulate a little and I could see prints from some crazy runnah out there on the road. So it was pretty good timing.

Good run, good timing and the Tempo 9s are still working pretty damn nicely once I am able to get them on and situated.

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