An Honest 10.0 Miler – RunLog 3/9/19

The weather forecast for tomorrow made me decide to get my run done today, which was about a good a winter day as you are going to get. Mid 30s, plenty of sunshine, the only issues were the 10-15 mph breeze out of the Northwest and some slick spots due to melting. It was great day for a longer run.


I had originally toyed with the idea of running from home and doing my 10 mile River Road Loop, but when Bennie and I walked down on Blake Road, the ruts and ice made me re-think that idea. It is only about a mile of the run, but it was enough that I didn’t want to chance landing on my arse down there, which would be the last part of the run. It is one thing to run on that kind of stuff when you are fresh and another when you are 8-9 miles into a run.

Change that plan.

So I decided to go look at how the Roads were over in Augusta/Chelsea area and decided to park by the back entrance to the Arboretum and then head out to the back way to Cony.


Nothing special about the run, until I got to the Togus Road.Well other than I had to head out the snowmobile trail for some privacy behind a tree in the woods and this was even though I had taken care of that issue three times before I ran. I guess my Friday night Pizza and chips, along with a lunch of Salmon loaf and asparagus ain’t what I will eat the night/day before a real race.

When I looked at my mileage there was no way that loop was going to be long enough, so I kept going straight through and ran to the back entrance to Cony. Part of the old 5K course and when I got close to the turn for Cony High School, I gotta admit that I slowed down to make that turn. It is the place where I partially tore my Achilles a few years ago and I just have bad memories of that corner.

Once I got around there I went through the high school and had to play avoid the vehicles, something was letting out and made it a little busier than I expected. When I got to the end of Cony, I turned right and headed towards Hannaford.


Yes, I ran very gingerly through that section, because there was just too much traffic to play in the road.

That hill is a pain and it was even worse with all the ice still around. The worst part was where it was partially melted and in the shade. I was wearing my dark sunglasses and I couldn’t see all that great in the shaded areas.

I did almost land on my arse in one of those patches, but the three point touch was enough to avoid it. You don’t realize how much of a hill there is coming out of the Hannaford parking lot until you run up the damn thing, but the hills do not seem to bother me nearly as much as they did last summer – a good thing for now.

I would have ended with about 9.0 if I had run straight back to the truck, so I headed back in the residential neighborhood and ditzed around back there to get the extra mile for 10.0. Actually it is decent running back there.

Coming back out, I did pick up the pace for a bit and felt good.


The Beacons, I didn’t think about them once during the run, although they did okay on the snowmobile trail, they would not be my first choice for going much further on one. They did surprisingly well on a few of the wet/ice/slush sections that I had to cross, but I had to pay attention to what I was doing and where I was stepping.

Actually, I like this course, I think that during the summer it would be a great course to get the miles in.

Annotation 2019-03-09 131635

I could park over at Cony and run the course from there. Add on some other loops and it would be a decent long run course. I have a feeling that going across the river and adding stuff from over there would be a nice. I will also have to look and see if there are any other cross over roads down further from the Cony Road, that would be my real preference though.

A really nice run, even with the hills and breeze.


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