Tempo Thursday and It Rather Sucked – RunLog 3/7/19

I did take yesterday off and got less than 10,000 steps for the day, so I did good on making it an actual rest day.

However, I felt a bit off this morning and haven’t felt all that great since I did the workout, but not really nasty, so I am not sure what is going on.

However, if it is Thursday, it means it must be Tempo time and no I don’t mean wearing my Tempo 9s, it means it is time to test my endurance with my half marathon wanna be race pace. That gotta run faster for a long time that I am getting better at, but still not all that crazy about actually doing.

Today was another 5.0 mile tempo run on the treadmill. Yep, it is still cold as all get out outside and below my self-imposed limit of 20*F, so after walking Bennie a mile, I headed out to Planet Fitness.

Only 30 push-ups today during warm-up – I just didn’t have it. So I was a little concerned about how well the tempo workout was going to go.

1.0 Mile – warm-up

2.0 Mile Tempo

Bathroom break

3.0 Mile Tempo

6 x .1 strides at fast pace with .1 recoveries

Recovery to 8.0 miles

It was probably the hardest tempo workout that I have had since I have started doing them in the Hansons plan. My body really wasn’t into doing it this morning and I had to keep forcing myself to keep going.

Not all runs or workouts are great and there are often runs that you just have to do and get through. These are the ones that are the toughest to finish, but give me the most satisfaction once I do finish. Since I had to battle with the urges to give in and stop and didn’t.

Not a great run by any stretch of the imagination – but I did get it done.

Although Mary told me about a sale going on at Mardens, so I stopped at the one in Waterville on the way home. I did pick up a tech long sleeve shirt, a possible replacement running jacket for colder weather and some more running socks for later this year.

So I did score some pretty good deals.

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