The Start of a Few Changes – Week In Review 3/3/19

Well “they” say that March is when you are supposed to take a close look at things, actually think about what you are doing and then make the changes necessary to make things better… after getting through January and February and seeing how the New Year is actually stacking up.

Well at least that is the idea.

Let’s start with my favorite photo from the week:

What needs changing?

Running – Nope, I really don’t want to change things with how my training is going. The Hansons Half Marathon Method is working quite well for this old fart, so if it ain’t broke, there is no sense in changing things.

Running Shoes – My current rotation of New Balance Beacons and adidas Tempo 9 are keeping my feet happy. I throw in an occasional run in my Adios 3s or Reebok RunFasts, but otherwise I need to just stay with what is working. Although, I really would like to try a pair of Nike Epic React Flyknit at some point. However, that is not something I am going to worry about too much. Especially, with two more pair of Tempo 9s in the closet just raring to go.

Blog – Ah yes, the blog. This is something that needs some changes for sure. I am not happy at for a variety of reasons, which I am not going to get into. Let’s just say, the best way to take care of my concerns and issues is to move stuff and delete everything off the blog, but a “I have moved” again post. If it did not have my name in the URL and the probability that I would not ever get another vanity URL or worry about someone else taking it, I would simply delete the whole damn thing and be done with it.

So I have moved back to an old blog that just came up for renewal (I figured if I was going to renew it at a premium price – it would be as good a time as any to make the change), bought a new URL/domain and moved everything to my new blog.

Yes, I renamed it “Just A Runnah” – it is what I am and gives a pretty good hint that I live in Maine. Although I will never be a Mainer, I am a native Maineiac or at the least a Mainah, where to hell they got that “er” ending I ain’t got a clue. 😜

Enough of the drivel, how did the week go?

Running this Week

Running wise it was another very successful week. I got over 46 miles total, along with another 20 of walking, which is a pretty high mileage week for me.

I continue to sleep well at night and actually improved on it this week. We got new pillows and it is hard to believe getting something as minor as a new pillow would make that big of a difference in the quality of my sleep, but I do know there is a difference. Also I think my daily (most days) naps do help with my recovery from the mileage and quality I am doing now. Sometimes it isn’t the big things that make the biggest difference.

Although I did run all seven days this week and my running streak is up to 11 days, I don’t see the streak going past this coming Wednesday when I am due to take a day off. The other part is that I before and after my treadmill runs I am doing my warm-up and cooling down routines. Hell I was even able to do 35 push-ups in a row this week. Quite the difference from the 10, I struggled so badly with at the start of the year.

Running Shoes – See above. However, I will have to decide whether I want to do a 200 mile review on the Beacons this week or not. They have done everything I have asked of them and yes, I do like them just a little bit more than I do the Tempo 9s. It is a very close call, but for me and how I run, the Beacons are just a little more versatile.

Aches and Pains – The right hip still talks to me from time-to-time, but not nearly as bad as it did last summer, so that is a win. Surprisingly the left Achilles and ankle area are doing better than they have in years. Although my right shoulder is giving me more than a few grunts and groans from all the snowblowing this winter, it hasn’t reached the point where I can’t push through to get what I want done.

Eating Decently – I am doing just okay…the past week I ate too many sweets, actually had 5 Yellow Peeps and some ice cream, but at the same time I am still eating a lot better than I was before December, so that is a win. I can usually tell what kind of week I am having by the numbers on the scale and yesterday morning’s weigh-in was at 153. So I am getting closer to where I want to be…145 pounds.

Racing – I still haven’t decided on any races yet. I haven’t had that great urge to go test myself to see where I really am and am pretty content with just training hard, enjoying my running and not worrying about the added stresses of preparing for a particular race. Oh I could see myself jumping into a race at the last minute sometime in the next month or so, but if I don’t I am happy with my running for a change and don’t really want to mess things up too much.

The reality is that

March is the month of new beginnings…I like the possibilities and lack of issues the new blog has going for it. I hate to bounce around yet again, but this time there actually are reasons beyond Harold being Harold for a change.

Another good thing is that the 81 year old neighbor from across the street who broke his wrist and I volunteered to snowblow the driveway until the closing on his house. Well they closed on the house Friday, the new owners moved in and I am back down to only having two yards to maintain. This change will save me about an hour per storm – just in time for the storm that is predicted for tomorrow. 🙂

Unfortunately, as I reported earlier in the week, SD2’s older dog died last week and we have been adjusting to her being a one dog household now. You do not realize how much time, effort and work there is when nursing an older dog who’s health is compromised, until after you now longer have to do it. While you are doing it, it is just part of the deal you make in exchange for their unconditional love. We do miss her and she will be there waiting on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge for us, when we crossover.

This coming week is the start of the strength portion of the Hansons Half Marathon Method and is getting away from my strength – the speed work. I will be going deeper into the longer – harder for me stuff. However, this is also the area where I am weakest, so it will be the right thing to do. Personally, I would just as soon do the quarters faster, than mile repeats slower, but I know that they are going to do me more good in the long run, so here is to another great week of training coming up.

It was a good, but tough week.

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