Snowblowing and an Easy Run – RunLog 3/4/19

Just a bit tired tonight, snowblowing the drive twice and forcing the old body to do my scheduled 5.0 mile workout in between the two, makes me realize just how much I am no longer one of those spring chickens.

Yeah, we got one of those typical 4-6 inch warm snows overnight that meant digging out the snowblower this morning hustling around the driveways to get them reasonable and then performing chauffeur storm duty for SD2. The snow is what I expect for a March storm and is more a pain in the arse than a big deal.

Of course, since I had driven into Augusta, on the way home I stopped at Planet Fitness, did the scheduled 5.0 miles on the treadmill. It was one of those workouts that I dread, I am already tired after my long run yesterday and when you add in snowblowing for two hours on top of that.

Well…the legs definitely were not ready for the miles on the treadmill. However, I am really attempting to keep the mileage close to the plan…so even with all my procrastinating that I could manage, eventually the treadmill started and I had to hit start on my Garmin. Yeah, I actually remembered to wear it.

The run was nothing all that special, I set the speed to 6.4 mph and kept it there for the whole workout. The only difference was that I played a little more than usual with incline going back and forth between 0% and 3.0%. The last mile I did run uphill for .7 of it and then for the last quarter I did my usual and popped the pace up to 7.8 mph – my supposed half marathon race pace.

After a quick lunch, I had to get back out and clean up the 2-3 more inches that snowed from when I got done in the morning. I did track this one and since it was just a quick clean, not a hard snowblow, it took just under an hour. Even so, I got plenty of weight lifting in and over almost 1.5 miles of walking behind the beast. So when I do a typical 2 hour snow blow I probably go over 2.0 miles of walking.

Good to know.

It really was a good run and tonight, all I know is that I am pretty damn tired.

I wonder what the Garmin will give me for sleep stats tomorrow morning?


  1. WooHoo – subscribed to email (apparently my WordPress was clogged and not allowing me to do any more subscriptions), and added to my RSS Feeds 🙂


    • Thank you Mike for being such a loyal reader, you have stuck with me through so many moves. This one was not planned, but it was becoming evident to me that I needed to make some changes (either stop blogging or move), due to circumstances beyond my control and the timing of having to renew this site, it seemed like the best time to make the move. I enjoy the blogging process too much to stop, but sometimes the backend and other crap sucks the joy out of writing. As you well know. 🙂


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