I Almost Bought One of My Unicorn Shoes

I did have to stop at Fleet Feet Sports to check out some of the newer shoes while we were in Portland yesterday and what do I see when I walk in the the door, one of my Unicorn Shoes:

Nike Vapor Fly 4%

Sitting on a table as I walk through the door…they had size 8.5 sitting out on top of the boxes, just SCREAMING — “BUY ME!!!”

They were just a shoe that screamed let me run fast.

Photo by Sam Winebaum – Road, Trail, Run

Last Spring when I went down to New Hampshire to run with Sam over at Road, Trail, Run, he let me run in his Vapor Fly 4% running shoes and I was very impressed with them. However, the price tag has kept me away and the idea that I might have to live up to wearing the shoes in a race is also a bit intimidating.

After all “fast” shoes deserve to be run in by a fast runner.

While I do okay, I am not anything special when it comes to running fast.

Although I gotta admit as soon as I saw the VF 4%s sitting on that table…I walked over, picked them up, held them reverently in my hands, admired them, thought about trying them on.

I also knew that if I had tried them on, I would have walked out of the store with a bright orange box under my arm and faced the music from what would have been a very unhappy wife.

As much as I may have wanted the shoes, I just couldn’t bring myself to pay the $250 for the shoes.

Yes, I wanted to…badly, but I will be honest, I do not race enough to justify that kind of expense for a pair of running shoes. If I was racing more often and I truly believed that the VF 4% shoes would give me a slight competitive edge in my age group, then it might be a different story, but as it stands today they wouldn’t.

So I didn’t.

It doesn’t mean that at some time in the future a pair might make it into the house, but not at this point in time…I have to prove to myself that I need them by entering more races and doing better than I have in the past.

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