Better Late Than Never – RunLog 3/2/19

After focusing on getting some of the mechanics and stuff done on Just A Runnah last night and this morning, I remembered that I hadn’t written a post on my run and some activities I did out and about yesterday.

We planned on heading down to Portland yesterday for our monthly Trader Joe’s trip and I knew that I needed to run before I drove down there. While the roads were clear, the temps in the low 20’s, with a pretty good breeze out of the North. Not ideal, but I also knew that I didn’t have time to got to Planet Fitness and use the treadmill.

So I bundled up and trundled out the door to do laps on Philbrick. The wife and SD2 had gone into town for a Vet appointment and we were planning on leaving as soon as they got back. I wasn’t sure about how many laps I would get in, especially since it was supposed to be an easy day.

Off I went.

The first lap and actually the entire run, I just felt cold and never really warmed up. While the temps were not awful, the wind just seemed to cut right through me. Oh well, I survived the weather.

When completing the second lap one of the neighbors dogs was running around their yard and decided to come out to intimidate me. This is one of those dogs that doesn’t like me and always ridges up, growl/barks and walks very stiff-legged at me.

So I yell at it and the neighbor who was on his tractor and they call it down to them. The dog very reluctantly obeyed. Needless to say when that dog is out, I do keep an eye out and my hand goes in the pocket that has some anti dog spray – just in case.

After that I could hear the neighbor still out working in the yard and knew the dog would still be loose. So I decided to be a good neighbor, instead of proving a point by being an arsehole and running my laps in front of their yard, I modified my route a little. Not a big deal, but still I have to live in the neighborhood too and sometimes a small thing like that does work out for the best.

Somehow or another I did four laps before the wife got back and while they were nothing to write home about, it was 4.0 more miles in the log.

We did think about walking around Back Cove with Bennie, but it was icy in spots (not as bad as the Rail Trail) and the wind was howling with a bit of snow coming down, the cold was more than we felt like dealing at that point. So we decided to just do a quick walk to stretch the legs and let Bennie do his business.

Ahhh Trader Joe’s…I do wish they had a store up in the Augusta/Waterville region, good prices, the selection we look for and great customer service. We are well stocked on healthier and not so healthy snacks again.

Just a routine run and a pretty nice trip down to Portland.

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