A Few Changes on the Horizon

Nothing major or earth shattering, just me being me again.

Due to multiple factors and some back-end stuff that I don’t want to yak about, I am going to make my current blog at https://haroldlshaw.com into a static page, with links to places where I frequent, links to my new blog address and then I am going to delete all of the blog posts associated with that address over the course of the next few days.

Yeah, I get hit in the stats, but so what…I don’t Blog for the stats, I write them because I do enjoy the writing process and it gives me a lot of satisfaction when I look back and re-read the posts.

I had to pay my annual fees today for one of the old sites I have been hanging on to and once I got to thinking about some of the issues that have been bugging me with the other site as I was driving back from Portland this afternoon.

Once I got to really thinking about things, I decided that I would be better off just moving back to my old site, which will solve most of the issues that I am having.

So this evening I been updating and revamping it, importing all of my posts, figuring out a decent theme and dusting out the cobwebs from the old site. It is still a bit rough around the edges, but once I get things figured out, I will have almost all of my blog posts in one place for the first time in years.

Which I believe is a very good thing.

The change is minor and unfortunately, it is something that I feel is necessary for my own piece of mind.

My new blog address is: https://runnah.blog and the new name will be “Just A Runnah”.

Which I think will be easier to remember too.

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