Yes, I Watched Too Much TV Today

Yes, I ran this morning on the treadmill for 4.0 miles. No biggie in comparison to everything else going on in the world – that is for sure.

However, while at the gym while running on the treadmill I got hooked on watching the Cohen testimony.

Okay I gotta admit it, I watched waaaaayyyyy to much of the Cohen testimony today. Once you got past the political bullshit and posturing from both the Democrats and Republicans, and listened to how Cohen answered the questions, well it was “interesting” to say the least.

I am a white, retired, veteran, who is in my 60s and have been stereotyped several times to be something other than I am. My political beliefs are not dominated by either the Democratic or Republican parties, I have some very conservative views and I also have some very liberal views on different big ticket political agendas. I also have a Green, Libertarian streak and still take the Oath I swore to support and defend the Constitution very seriously.

Disclosure: I did not vote for the President and did not believe that his challenger was the best choice either. Neither one of them gave me confidence in their ability to govern effectively and I voted on the basis of which Vice Presidential candidate would be the best person to replace the one elected, since I did not believe at that time either candidate would complete their full term.

So looking at it from that kind of perspective what did I think:

Cohen is a convicted liar and crook.

He has been found guilty of crimes and only by continuing to cooperate with the Federal Government on what he knows, will the amount of time he serves in prison be lowered. If he lies now, he could be subject to even more time in jail. At this point lying does not seem to be in his best interest, especially with the Republicans and Executive Branch looking for anything they can hang him for.

Who did he work for? The President and the Republican National Committee. The testimony today focused on his actions and knowledge while he was the President’s personal attorney for around 10 years, but I wonder what information he has that he hinted at that are part of ongoing investigations? I do believe he does have information on the President’s business empire, the RNC and personal insights that are pertinent.

What he did testify about was pretty difficult to accept as true about the person that we elected to be the President of the United States. Based on other reports, court filings, investigation leaks and yes, even the press it does seem to give more credence to some of those stories.

If half or even a third of what Cohen has testified about is true, along with the other investigations that were hinted at during the course of the testimony then our President has legal issues that may lead to other consequences.

Cohen was certainly a compelling witness and one who if he did lie will be nailed to the cross by the powers that be. However, there are others who have testified to Congress previously whose testimony disagrees with Cohen’s. I do wonder if Congress is so willing to nail Cohen if he lied, if they will be as willing to nail others who have testified under oath, if it turns out that they lied.

There is a lot of smoke surrounding this Presidency and the testimony by Cohen today did nothing but fan the tinder a lot closer to point where flames will start appearing very soon. If Cohen did testify truthfully, what do the President’s most ardent supporters do? That is the real question isn’t it?

The comment on the possible lack of a peaceful transference of power if Trump is not reelected, after the elections in 2020 was one of the most scary statements that I heard all day.

Cohen’s testimony is one side of the coin and the other side is that everyone innocent until proven guilty – just like Cohen has already been adjudicated and found guilty. Does this Presidency go down that road?

That is the big question.

The reality is that

If Cohen did tell the truth then our Country is in for a rocky road over the next year.

I have a sneaking suspicion that our current President will come out of his corner swinging and hoping for a huge and quick knock-out of his opponents. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on which side of the aisle you are sitting, there seem to be many investigations involving the President, his family, businesses and the Democrats are challengers who are willing to go toe-to-toe with him for the full 12 rounds of the fight.

History is being made as we speak, it will be interesting to see where things end up 2-3 years down the road. Then 20 years from now when we look back at this period in history, we can see more clearly just what did actually happen.

I just hope that the Country is not divided completely between now and then.

Either way I do believe that shining the light on the truth and holding those responsible for committing crimes are justly punished.

Wishful thinking I know, but…that is what I wish for.

Then again, we are talking about rich, powerful and well connected people.

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  1. I trust neither Trump nor Cohen, but I am inclined to believe that Cohen would tell the truth after already getting stuck with jail time. Nothing he said shocked me about Trump, though it would disappoint greatly me if Trump got reelected in spite of all this, again. Fearing for a peaceful transition in 2021 is a scary situation to be in, indeed.

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