Helluva Workout – I Like Tuesdays

Outside was crap, it might look nice when viewed from this side of the window, but with temps barely out of single digits, 20-30 plus winds, the wind chills were down-right nasty, plus it is Tuesday, which for me is speed work day. All of which added up to another day on the treadmill.

It is a good thing that I actually like running on the treadmill, especially on days where I know I get to run a bit quicker than usual. You know the Tuesday Something of Substance (SOS) workout that is speed based. Although I am reaching the part of the training plan where it is beginning to stretch out the distance of the speed play, it is still within my wheelhouse as long as I don’t try to act like I am still in my prime (I know that I am not) and attempt to run those kind of paces.

Yes, I was able to do the planned workout and then I did some shorter faster stuff too. I know, but when it comes right down to it, as much as those shorter faster bursts feed my ego, errr confidence they do have a place in my training too. Running at those paces forces me to actually lift my legs and stretch out things that otherwise don’t get a lot of attention.

Okay here is a challenge for you – on a treadmill or figure out the corresponding paces yourself, do the following workout and let me know how you felt at the end:

  • 1.0 mile warm-up @ 6.3 mph
  • 4 x .75 @ 8.6 mph, with .25 recoveries after each repeat
  • 2 x .25 @ 8.7 mph, with .25 recovery after first quarter and .15 recovery after second quarter
  • 1 x .1 @ 9.1 mph, with .1 recovery
  • 2 x .1 @ 9.5 mph, with .1 recoveries
  • 3 x .1 @ 10.1 mph, with .1 recoveries
  • .25 @ 6.3 mph for a cool-down
  • .25 @ 7.8 mph I need to know how it feels to run this pace when I am toast

Did you try it?

How did it go?

These speeds are based on my 5K race of just under 7:00 minutes per mile. If they are too slow or fast for your current running enjoyment, use your 5K race and just add the corresponding increases in speeds to simulate the same workout.

All I know this treadmill workout was a very challenging one for me, but also probably one of the ones that I felt really good about. The best thing about it, the body is doing fine tonight.


  1. Treadmills are great for these types of workouts. I never do anything as complex, but sometimes I will go up by half a mile or full mph for a few minutes and back off.
    I do a bunch of “games” on the treadmill to push my self and keep me interested.

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