Oops Didn’t Do the Correct Workout

OMG I screwed up so badly today!!!

I didn’t do the planned workout…for some reason I got it in my head that I was supposed to do an easy 5.0 miler today and didn’t double-check like I usually do before heading out the door to make sure that I am being a good boy by doing what I am supposed to.

Yeah, can you believe it, me not following the plan exactly.

Well the truth is I don’t mind changing a workout on the fly if I really feel like doing something else, but today I really believed that I was doing what I was supposed to do.

So what was I supposed to do for a workout today?

Easy 6.0 miles.

Yeah, I screwed up by a whole mile…earth shattering I know and now the whole training plan is screwed up. An unforgivable ‘faux paux’ that will end my quest to run a half marathon.

Harold stop it, you are being a horse’s arse and making fun of yourself yet again to show how trivial something like this really is. However, some runners get so upset if they do not follow a training plan perfectly and it throws them into a complete and utter tizzy.

Yeah, I screwed up by a mile on an easy run – so what.

It ain’t a big deal.

Besides it was a typical 5.0 mile easy and I needed something to write about other than how boring running this distance on the treadmill one more time, because the roads were crap and the winds were more than I felt like dealing with again.

Hey, I did remember to put my Garmin on today and even played around with changing the elevation several times over the course of the run.

It was a good and easy 5.0 mile treadmill run, after a snowblowing three driveways. Who knows maybe I subconsciously decided to have a shorter workout to compensate for the extra exercise that I had already done this morning. 😉 Yeah, that a great story and I am sticking to it.

I am sure that I will make up that mile at some point during the week and I really am not worried about whether I do or not.

I think that attitude is a LOT healthier than obsessing over whether or not I did the exact workout on the exact day it was scheduled. After all I am still well within the parameters and guide rails that the Hansons Half Marathon plan provides me.

Move along there is nothing to else to see here, this is not the droid you are looking for. 😉

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