Dragging Arse = Feeling My Age

Yeah, I am about four weeks into the Hansons Half Marathon Method training plan and when you add in the three weeks I did of the Marathon training plan, that is 7 weeks of using the Hansons Method.

While I love the plan and the structure it has given to my training, at the same time it is very relentless in the expectations and the amount of accumulated fatigue that is a primary part of doing it.

Which means that I am definitely dragging arse hard this week.

What is bringing this topic…err whine about Harold?

Well yesterday I was going to do my Sunday long run due to the forecast of snow, rain, sleet and high winds (you know not the best weather for a long run), but after walking Bennie I sat down and was completely wiped.

It has been a long week, with a lot of variables (not excuses) that have effected me physically and mentally, that added significantly to the accumulate fatigue that the Hansons Method embraces.

Yep, I admit it – I was frigging tired yesterday and today, while I am not as tired the old body is feeling the effects of all that accumulated fatigue along with looking forward to the probability of 2-3 hours behind a snowblower later today or early tomorrow morning. Sometimes I think looking ahead is what gets to me than the actual doing – once I am doing, I just do it.

Anyway, after an hour of relaxing on the couch with Bennie, I got the motivation up to get my running gear on and go outside and do 4.0 miles. No they were not all that pretty or fun, it was just one of those get it done runs, while doing mile laps in front of the house.

This morning as I look out the dining room window it is snowing lightly and the wind is picking up a bit, so out of respect for the wonderful footing that will accompany the weather outside, at some point this morning I will head to Planet Fitness put on my big boy shorts and shoes and run at least 10 miles on the treadmill.

Remembering that I choose to do this, even though the wife thinks I am overdoing things, just a little. Especially, since I now have to wear a belt with all my pants. In other words Harold being Harold.

I have a feeling that if I didn’t have the snowblower exercise routine, that the Hansons Method would be just fine, but it is what it, so I gotta suck it up, smile and keep putting one foot in front of the other and hope that this Wednesday I actually get a day to simply relax.

Don’t bet on it.

Although I have thought about reducing the mileage on recovery days, when I have snowblower duty – since the time on my feet induces fatigue as well, but just doesn’t show up on the training log. 🙂

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  1. Relentless, that’s one thing the Hansons place definitely is. You’re doing great, Harold. I’m sure you’ll ace the Half 😀

    I’ll be starting a new session of the plan in a week’s time and I know it’s going to be tough and sometimes it’ll bring me to the verge of tears but I know I’ll have to keep on showing up day in and day out.

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