adidas Tempo 9 – 300 Mile Review

The adidas Tempo 9s made it to 300 miles.

A 300 mile review on a pair of shoes???

Holy crap…I couldn’t remember the last time that I had a pair of shoes make it to 300 miles. When I looked, it was a pair of Hoka Clifton 1 (Blue), back in 2015 and they were toast at that point.

Which makes the adidas Tempo 9s getting to 300 miles, still being shoes I enjoy running in and me wanting to write about them – even more impressive!

The short version is:

I can run in Tempo 9s comfortably, I don’t don’t get mysterious pains or blisters from the shoes and when I reach for the Tempo 9s I have no doubts about how they are going to perform…


Which in my experience are the only things that really matter when it comes to my running shoes.

Long Version

I am going to go with good/bad and call it a day.


Comfortable – I can run fast, slow and any speed or distance that I do without worrying about how the shoes feel during the run. There are no hotspots or funky things that hurt my feet.

Weight – The Tempo 9s came in at:

Which right around where I would like my primary daily trainers to be.

Quiet – For shoes with a full rubber outsole they run very smoothly and quietly. Not GRR2 quiet, but quiet enough that people who are not paying attention are startled when I go by.

Fit – the size 8.5 US fits my size 8.0 Hobbit like feet about as well as any shoe has in a while. The toe box doesn’t bother and I haven’t had any issues with heel slippage. Although I don’t think I would attempt to go sockless in them, the interior feels a little rough in places, but with socks on – there are no problems.

Although, I can’t wear my Smart Wool, winter weight wool socks with them, but since I don’t usually run outside in stoopid weather or temps as often now, it really is not an issue. Besides I have other shoes for that.

Long wearing multi-purpose outsole – At the 300 mile mark there is very little wear on the outsole. I like the outsole design since it give a lot of grip in a variety of conditions and I don’t hesitate to take them on dry moderate trails or even down-back on the dirt road in snow or rain.

Boost Midsole – I love the feel of Boost midsoles, it just works well for me and how I run. An added feature is that Boost shoes do not seem affected by the temperature variations. Not that I get any up heah in Maine.


Tongue – it is a little thin and if I cinch down too much when tying the shoes I can feel the lace bite through the tongue. However, it has not been a problem when I am paying attention to how I am tying my shoes. 🙂

Colorway – No real Harold colorways in the Tempo 9s. My blue/white ones are mud splatter magnets and require more cleaning than other colors would to keep looking decent. They are more of a grayish tone than white now, but that does not effect how they they perform for me. However, since they run so well, I ain’t gonna sweat the lack of bright colors.

Laces – I didn’t like the extra long laces and changed them out.

Heel Pull-Tab – Why???

The reality is that

That is it, not a whole lot that I don’t like about the Tempo 9s.

The Tempo 9s just feel right on my feet. It is not an overly complex running shoe, it has a simple, but classic design, uses the Boost midsole that I love, has a multi-purpose, long lasting outsole that allows me to run most anywhere with them and the bottom-line is that they are comfortable for me to run in.

Will I buy them again, is the big question that seems to answer so many questions?

The answer: I have two more pair waiting for when my first pair of Tempo 9s finally wear out that I just gotta grab the one on top and start running in them next.

The big question will be – how many miles will my first pair of Tempo 9s get before I retire them. I have a sneaking suspicion that it will be a bigger number than I am used to. Although I do think that once the snow is gone, I will retire them to other duties.

Good shoes to say the least.


  1. Thanks for this Harold. I have been through several pairs of the Tempo 9s and have got on very well with them. I try to retire them after 500-600 miles but I think I could go on using them beyond that. The outsole never seems to get worn down.


    • Yeah, mine are just starting to show a bit of wear at 300. About the worst thing I can say about them is that for longer runs on the treadmill, the forefoot doesn’t have quite enough cushioning for me. Otherwise they do everything else that I want. I have a feeling that when I stop running in them it will be more because of wanting to get my next pair into my rotation.


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