Week 6 – 2019

Not quite the week I wanted/expected, but the one that I got through.

My favorite photo from the week:

I am still using the Hansons Half Marathon Method as the basis for my training and was able to hit all of the SOS workouts during the week, although I did’t quite meet the weekly mileage goals with two days off. The good thing is that I felt good about my running all week and that is the important thing.

After a bit of a sabbatical due to my Zagg Keyboard for my iPad Pro dying, I finally got in my new Brydge keyboard this week. I like the way it matches up to my rose gold version and makes it…well basically into a small laptop. I still have to get used to the way the keys feel compared to other keyboards.

It is not a bad feel, but I am a touch typist and the key travel is different than I am used to compared to other ones that I have used recently. I will get used to it, but there is going to be a bit of a get-used to it curve.


Like I said a pretty good week, but when I didn’t run yesterday – a trip to Oxford (New Balance Factory store and book shopping), along with a nasty wind storm (wind chills in the stoopid range) made my wanting to run when I got home a moot point.

I didn’t.

I am still running more on the treadmill than outside, but the good thing is that I am hitting the paces called for in the plan on the SOS workouts and doing a little extra on my recovery days, which is okay.

Running Shoes

The New Balance Beacons did are over 90 miles and are still my goto shoes. They do everything that I ask of my running shoes. They are comfortable, quiet and best of all do not bother my feet. This week’s quality workouts were all done in the Beacons. The half mile repeats at my “real” 5K pace (not the pace I want to be) while tough the shoes did not get in the way. Then the 4.0 miles of tempo pace (my hopeful half marathon pace) were done without any issues and today’s long run was done comfortably at a 9:00 minute pace on the treadmill. If I Go For A Run, I typically choose the Beacons.

Although I did run in the Tempo 9s Outside for an easy 7.0 on Friday and they did everything that I could ask of them. They are still a part of the rotation and I do need to bring them out of the cubby and start using them again – if for no other reason than to save some of the mileage on the Beacons.

It comes down to me liking the Beacons a bit more than the Tempo 9s they just feel “right” for me.

New Gear

I did pick up a New Balance running jacket, shirt and tank top at the factory outlets this week and have used all but the tank top. I liked the way that the jacket performed as an outer layer on a 33*F, rainy and breezy day and used the short sleeve shirt on the long run today without any issues.

The reality is that

I actually am still following the Hansons Half Plan and doing well with the mileages/paces. My hip does give a few barks now an then, but doesn’t seem to bother too much otherwise.

Although I have back slid on changing my eating habits a bit, I am going to get back to it this week.

Another good week.


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