New Brydge Keyboard and Half-Mile Repeats

I got in my new keyboard for the iPad Pro and there seems to a bit a of a learning curve on how to keep the Bluetooth connected. Other than that the Brydge keyboard is working great and once I get used to the key travel I have a feeling that I am going to really like it.

All I know is that it is nice to have a real keyboard to use with my iPad Pro, after not having one for a week. It did show me that if I didn’t have a keyboard to go with my iPad it is not a device that I would like nearly as much.

Hopefully, thing are back to normal – whatever to hell that is.

Today’s Run

Even though it was absolutely gorgeous outside, (record temperatures in many places in Maine – it was 56*F in Augusta and yes that was a record), I decided to run on the treadmill for my speed workout. Yeah, it sucked knowing that I could have run in shorts and t-shirt outside, but I also wanted to stick to the plan and knew the best way to do today’s workout was on the treadmill.

While the Hansons Half Marathon Plan called for 8 x 600m, unless you have access to a track this workout is a pain-in-the-arse to keep track of, so I changed it to .5 x 6 reps with .25 rest intervals. I know that when I get tired during a workout, I need to keep things simple so I do not screw up what I had planned.

The first three fast repeats felt good and while the last three were not a piece of cake, it didn’t take me into the well to do finish the workout, but it was not easy. Especially that last one where the last tenth of a mile seemed to take forever.

I thought briefly about adding in 5 x .1 strides and decided that it wasn’t in the cards today an just finished the run at an easy pace…well I might have practiced a kick for the last quarter.

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