Speed Session 1/2 Mile Repeats and Books

It would have been a perfect day for a run down-back…however, I am trying really hard to do this training plan the best that I can. So even though it was a gorgeous winter day outside, I ran my speed workout of 6 x 1/2 mile @ 8.2 mph on the treadmill.

To be honest the tracks up heah are rather occupied by a nice layer of snow or the rail trail usually having uncertain footing this time of year and even with temps in the 30s those kind of temps in the past have resulted in too many strains or pains that are simply avoided by running in warmer temps. Indoors is the primary option and since I don’t want to pay for the indoor track at Colby, Planet Fitness’ treadmill is the answer that I have.

Yes, I stretched, did a 1.5 mile warm-up at 6.3 mph before starting my repeats.

I set the speed at 8.2 mph for 7 repeats with .25 @ 6.0 mph rests. I was feeling really good through all of the repeats. Yes, I was listening to music and that does help, but nothing bothered on the fast intervals – which was very encouraging.

Yes, I was feeling pretty good, so for the last repeat I picked the speed up to 8.3 mph – not a big increase, but I could tell the difference between an 7:18 and 7:12 pace. It was not significantly harder, but it was harder without any doubt.

During the rest quarter I got this grand idea that I wanted to get in 8.0 miles total, but that I still felt like I had a lot left in the tank so I decided to do .1 strides with .1 rests for a mile, with the understanding that if I struggled on any of them that would be the last one.

No issues, the strides were fairly fast, but I had good form and wasn’t struggling with any of them. The last one was a .2 interval at 9.2 and 9.4 mph. I was very surprised that i was able to hit those paces for my strides after completing a 6x.5 speed workout.

Then I did a mile cool-down at 6.3 mph and felt like I could run further without any issues and seriously thought about doing a little more. However, that is the big that usually screws up my ability to complete a training plan and it is something that the books really warned against. So I did not do it, even though I was tempted.

I don’t want to do strides after a speed workout very often, but I know my body pretty well and figured that it wouldn’t hurt today and I did exactly what I wanted.

Tomorrow is an easy run and I will probably go slow down-back because the forecast looks fairly decent and I gotta break this treadmill streak, since it looks like Thursdays tempo run will be inside again.

I did get in the Hansons Half Marathon Book and while it really is not all that different from the Marathon version, there are some key differences so I am glad that I got it.

I will probably begin the Beginner Half plan at week 8, which I think corresponds pretty closely with where I am in my fitness/training now.

Also D2 had this brilliant idea to send me a book because of my running shoe interests and I got that today. Shoe Dog / Phil Knight.

I have thought about getting it, since I have probably run more miles in Nike shoes than other over the years, but never got around to ordering it. So when she approached me last week asking if I had ever read it, I kind of figured that it would show up today. It looks like a pretty good read, who knows I might even do a book review.

A really good run and this slowing down by .3 to .8 or so has definitely made a difference in how I am feeling during the speed workouts. I am finishing without issues workouts that typically kicked my arse simply because I was running faster than my current conditioning was able to keep up with.

So far the week and half that I have actually been closely following the Hansons Method of training, I have run better than I have in a long time. I typically judge a training program by how I feel after speedwork sessions and when I feel as though I have plenty left, something is going right.

It probably does help that I have lost 8 pounds since December 10th, less baggage to haul ass with is a good thing.

However, I found it interesting when I was talking with D2 this afternoon to thank her for the book, that she is also starting to follow a low carb diet very similar, but a little more strict than what I am doing and has been diagnosed with Celiac Disease. Which explains a lot of the physical problems she has had, but made me think that I probably have a reaction to wheat products as well and since I have been seriously reducing the amount of wheat/sugar that I have felt better and lost weight without trying.

Neither one of us knew what the other was doing, but we both seem to be heading in the same direction with how we need to be eating going forward.

Although both families dread us opening up the sardine cans. 😉

A very good day.

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