A MishMash and a Good 5.0 Miler

Let’s see how many treadmill days I can get in a row…isn’t that what I am trying accomplish?

Naw, it just seems to be working out that way. I like to run mid to late morning most days and even then the temps are still not above my 20*F outside run limit or the storms are making the footing such that this old fart ain’t taking too many chances out there.

So the treadmill streak continues and hopefully it will end on Wednesday. Tomorrow is a speed workout and I ain’t doing it outside in freezing temps. I like my hamstrings and Achilles just the way they are – thank you.

What did I do today, well it was a planned easy 4.0 miler and guess what I almost did that.

I got on the treadmill set it to 6.3 mph and started running. No music, just ESPN front of me, after all I had to see all those sports casters eat crow several times over the New England Patriots winning their game yesterday. Yes, I am a fan and have been since the late 60’s, so I earned the good years we have had lately, like 8 straight AFC Conference Championship Games.

Although I have my doubts on whether they can pull this one off in KC, I also do not underestimate Belichick or the rest of the team, when it comes to the Post-Season. No, I will not watch much of the game, but I will be checking in on the scores. I have a feeling that we might be digging out from a bit of snow that afternoon.

Oh yeah, before I got side tracked, I got to the 4.0 mile mark and was feeling pretty darn good, so I added on an extra mile, which is something that is okay on easy days from what I was reading in the Hansons Method book.

Overall, this was just one of those go get it done runs, where you get time on the legs at an easy pace. One thing that I do know and have learned over the past month or so is that that the 7.2 mph pace that I was using as my easy runs on my treadmill runs was way too fast, especially when that speed is pretty darn close to what I would expect my marathon race pace to be if I ever run again and probably contributed to many of my issues physically that I tend to never get rid of.

Tomorrow will be tough though 6 x 1/2 mile @ 7:20 pace, should work up quite a sweat. I am not maxing out the speed and just keeping to the pace assigned to see how I actually feel after doing that speed.

Still a lot going on, but I am liking the way my running is going right now.

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