Week 2 of 2019 – Recap

Another week of treadmill training done…at least it is safe and not a problem remaining upright or not freezing my arse off. Other than some bloody nipples from sweating way too much on the treadmill, my week has been pretty routine.

Which is in my mind at least – a very good thing.

Although last Wednesday’s snow, sleet, freezing rain and rain storm, did test the old body’s stamina pretty good when it came time to clean-up on Thursday. Snowblowing the frozen mess was loads of fun and then using the snow scoop to get through 12-15 inches of white shite, with three distinct layers of storm, made for a very tired and sore Harold that evening.

I really felt my age that night.

Let’s get something straight right now.

No. I. Am. Not. Training. For. A. Marathon.

Yes, I am playing around with the Hansons Marathon Method of training and this week I completed (quite successfully I might add) week 6 of the Beginner Plan you can find on page 116 of the second edition. I am using this until I get in their half marathon method book (although I could easily adapt the one I have), and get myself in shape for a spring half.

Until that book comes in next week, I just wanted to see how well I could manage the mileage and intensity of this marathon plan’s start of the real training, as something to look at for another attempt later this year. However, I will only do that…if I can successfully complete the half marathon training plan without getting in over my head.

Fortunately, this last week did give me a pretty good understanding of what I need to do to stick with the training plan and the kind of paces I need to be running.

Perhaps I am finally getting it through this thick skull that haphazard training and lack of discipline in running the correct paces versus way too fast paces, needed to train for my goal time, is the primary reason that I get injured when I get around to train for all those failed marathon training plans in my running resume.

I love to run fast, but learning to run a disciplined pace, not whatever to hell I feel like pace is going to do me more good in the long and at some point get me to the finish line of a marathon in one piece.

Of all the training plans for a marathon out there the Hansons Method is probably closer to my personality and it would be a question of how I would now respond to the accumulated fatigue factor of those 50 mile weeks that would decide my fate.

From how I felt this week, the paces are within the framework of what I should be able to handle speed-wise and if I follow the training plan distance-wise, but quite honestly my head-space is not ready to take on the training or the race at this time.

So there you have it…although I am playing with a marathon training plan for a bit, I am not actually training for a marathon this spring.

I need to race a half marathon at a certain goal time first and then see how I feel after mentally and physically.

Physical Exam

My physical on Tuesday went surprisingly well.

It seems I am one of my Doc’s healthiest, most ornery and stubborn patients. Yep, I gotta admit to the last two and I will take her word on the first. She did talk about statins and some other things a bit too much, but I shut down most of that pretty quickly. I have been down those roads before and will not ever go down them again.

I reminded her that I only came in once a year because I have to as a part of my health insurance requirements, otherwise she wouldn’t see me unless something was broke or bleeding.

Hmmmm I wonder if I am healthier because I don’t go to the doctor’s office all that often or what?

That is something that I will continue to find out, but as I read the obituaries in the local paper and look around the waiting rooms of the medical facilities that I have been in over the past month or so, along with certain stores that I wander around in…I may not live longer than some of the people I saw, but I sure as hell will outlive them. There is a huge difference.

The labs were in line with the ones from the VA and a few had improved in a month, so the dietary changes are having some positive effect. Although my Vitamin D levels were slightly higher than the high level, so I need to back off just a little on the Vitamin D supplement to every other day after a week off.

Running Shoes

I have a rotation of three running shoes

Adidas Tempo 9 – Most of my running is done in these shoes and when I put them on I have no doubts that I will just be able to run comfortably in them for any distance and also go fast enough for everything but the speed sessions.

I have a 200 mile review written and just needed to add photos to it. However, since I never got around to doing the photos and now have over 240 miles on the T9s, I will probably make it a 300 mile review instead.

Adidas Adios 3 – My speedwork shoes, when I put them on, I expect to go fast and am mentally prepared to work harder. It is just my expectation when I put them on that it is time to do the work. I could do a 50 mile review on them, but with the Adios 4 out now and with the AB3s actually being a fairly old shoe, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of need for another old shoe review.

Nike Wild Horse OG – They are my primary winter walking, hiking, snow removal, nasty weather and trail running shoes. The Wild Horses are comfortable in the worst conditions I have needed to be outside in this winter and while the midsole is a bit firm at subzero temps, there is enough cushion for walking on tar to be just fine.

In other words they don’t feel like I am walking on or running on 2x4s when it gets wicked cold up heah. If it ever gets up to decent temps I will probably go ahead and run down-back on the snowmobile tracks.

Reebok RunFast – They are waiting for a spring 5K to come out of hibernation.

adidas Response 2 – I have a feeling that they might go away at some point in the not too distant future as well. They really do not have any place in the rotation, are not all that comfortable as a pair of walking shoes and the worst thing is that I do not have confidence that I will not hurt my Plantar Fascia running in them again. We will see on them

Behind the driver’s seat in my truck are now 10 pair of running shoes that will go away, when I get a chance to stop at a certain place that I prefer to give all my used shoes to. There was a recent addition and I am more than a little sad about it, the Saucony Liberty OGs. I ran a short distance in them last week and they just felt too firm and didn’t hold a candle in my mind to the comfort of my Tempo 9s. All I know is that they were a pair of running shoes that I really, really wanted to work for me, but in the end they will go away sometime next week along with the rest of the pile.

The reality is that

I had a really good week that showed me I could do a marathon training plan (for a week at least) and stay within the paces prescribed. I felt strong doing the workouts and never felt as though I was in over my head on the ones that I did. I will go ahead and do week 6 this week (modified to use 800s not 600s), just to see if last week was a fluke or if later this summer whether marathon training will be something that I will want to give a go to.

Really, I think it is more my head that makes every little niggle into a catastrophe going to happen if I train for or run a marathon that is holding me back than the body actually being unable to keep up.

My weight has stabilized around 155-157 this week, but I have been experimenting with what I feel I can eat and what bothers me when I do eat it. I have learned the hard way that boxed cold cereal REALLY bothers me the next morning and when I eat too many grains, without added fat in a meal, my bowel movements go back to being loosey goosey. Not what I want at all.

Especially, since I have had more good runs that don’t need the mid-run bathroom stop than not over the last few weeks.

I know TMI, but I want to be able to see if I am progressing on this or not in a couple of weeks.

Another good week in the books, now to get a little warmer weather and get off the treadmill and get back outside where I can enjoy myself a little more.

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