A 5.0 Mile Tempo Run

When the thermometer say 4*F and the winds are around 10 mph, even Bennie doesn’t dwaddle along. While it was sure purty down-back, when we got to the lower gate, it was time to definitely turn-around. By the time we got back to the house, there was no hesitation on his or my part about heading up the drive-way.

While it looked gorgeous out there the temps were just too miserable to run outside this morning for me. It was below my self-imposed low temperature standard, so I headed into Planet Fitness for another bout on the treadmill.

Now I am not training for a marathon, but until I get the Hansons Half Marathon training guide in, I thought I would play around with a week or two of their marathon training plan. After looking at things, it seemed that the Beginner plan would be what I would use if I was going to train for a marathon. I figured I was somewhere around week 5, so I have been adapting that to my life week. I wanted to see if I could keep up with the 3:40:00 pace marathon workouts or not. That would be a BQ for my age group and something I do eventually want to get, but not yet.

Today I was supposed to do a 1.0 mile warm-up, 5.0 mile tempo run at marathon pace (8:13) and then a one mile cool-down.

How did I do?

Actually, I have been doing a little more on the pre-run warm-up, then 1/2 mile fast walking to get the body ready, before I start my warm-up mile at 6.2 mph. That first mile went by pretty quickly even though it was still pretty close to 10:00 minute pace.

Once I got the warm-up mile done, I increased the speed to 7.3 mph (about 8:12 pace) and ran. I was feeling good, despite yesterday’s tough yard clean-up and cleaning 12-15 inches of wet, heavy arse snow off the 24×48 garage. The arms were the most in need of TLC – chicken wings do not do well lifting lots of heavy stuff.

While running at the tempo pace I felt fine the entire 5.0 miles and could have easily gone longer. Unfortunately, though when I finished up the tempo part of the run, I immediately had to quick-march to the locker room for a quick break. However, those have been fewer and further between, since I have started experimenting with a lower carb diet and cut a lot of crap stuff out of what goes down the pie-hole.

Although I did increase the speed slightly to get to the finish just a little quicker, when I hit the last .4 to go.

After getting back on the treadmill, it was tough to get back in the groove to finish up that 1.0 mile cool-down and then another .3 walk after the running part finished.

When I looked at the stats for the run I was pleasantly surprised at how good they looked and the best part is that I didn’t feel off at all during the tempo pace part.

A very good run, but sadly I have a feeling for the next few days it will be more of the same, treadmill time. Although I was sort of invited to head out to do a 10 miler up in Belgrade tomorrow morning. However, with the temps already below zero, as much as I might think about going, I know that I will not. I have the low temperature standard going for a reason and I am pretty sure that I will stick pretty close to it.

Not too bad of a run and one that makes me go mmmm. No Harold do not even think about it. Nothing more than training for a half marathon right now. Then take a look at how you held up before you go and do something stupid. 🙂


  1. It’s that time of year. I ran 7 on the treadmill yesterday and we have a 14.6 long run Sunday. It’s supposed to be in the 20s!
    Atleast we don’t have any snow yet.


    • 20s is above my cut-off for running outside and at least you will be running with others, so you can keep an eye on each other :-). Right now it is -4*F and the wind chills are still pretty brutal, but the wind is calming down a bit, so the temp is close, but definitely a treadmill day for me here. I have a feeling that I will take an easy day today, the body feels pretty beat up after the snow removal Thursday and the tempo run yesterday. It isn’t the doing for me nowadays it is the recovery from the doing to get ready for the next doing, they just need to be further apart. 🙂

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