Not What I Call a Rest Day

No Running Today, but it sure as hell was not a rest day. Yesterday’s multi-type storm made clean-up, both necessary and a pain-in-the-arse.

Okay, first walk with Bean was okay, the footing a bit treacherous with ice under the slush, but walkable.

After breakfast the real fun began, the snowblower and I had two hours of getting re-acquainted, which is always fun. The shoulders and wrists just love all that wonderful vibration and pulling on a behemoth on wheels. No the snow was not more than 5-6 inches, but underneath was a nice frozen base that was so much fun to walk on.

Then a two-mile Bennie walk down the hill, which of course meant coming back up the damn thing. 🙂 The roads were still shitty and slippery around heah.

After that I took 15 minutes to figure out what to do next.

Roof raking the garage or go to the gym was the answer.

I really, really would have preferred the gym I think. (1) it is safer and (2) it is not nearly as much of an upper body workout. Unfortunately, the roof had to come first, so I headed out and attempted to roof rake the garage. Immediately, I figured out that was not going to work, there were 2-3 frozen layers of snow, with between 12-15 inches of the white shite on the roof and I don’t have the arm strength, stamina or desire to abuse my body that much to clear the roof.

So that meant, getting on the roof with a snow scoop and having at it. Two hours later, I had about 8 feet of roof left and I stopped. There was no more gas in the tank.

However, I was starting to make mistakes and had almost fallen off the roof twice, so I figured at about that point, it was time to cut bait and get to hell off that roof before, I ended up head-first in the snow bank. Not something I really recommend to anyone. I figured that I would get the rest of the roof later.

Yeah, I ate a quick lunch and then napped on the couch for about an hour. At which point, we needed to head into Waterville for errands. Yeah, the squirrels and birds will be happy, I got a book from the library the latest from J.R.R. Tokien’s notes and some sardines from the store. I am really attempting to up my fish consumption on my new eating plan.

When we got home, it was time for Bennie’s last walk of about a mile and then I got the brilliant idea of finishing the garage roof after that. I didn’t even try to get on the roof, I used the roof rake, got what I could of the snow and ice, as the temps were dropping like a rock and will get into the single digits overnight.

So while I didn’t get that 5 mile tempo run in this morning, I have a feeling that my exercise for the day overall more than made up for missing this workout. I have a feeling that I am going to be rather sore in the morning and I am not going to try to re-do the planned workout. I will do my easy 4.0 and be happy. If I do a little more that is only gravy.

Yeah, a DNR in the running log, but certainly not a rest day. 🙂

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