Easy 6.0 Miles on the Treddy

Jeez it was just a bit chilly this morning!!! 2*F plus a nasty wind chill had Bennie’s first walk being a very short and quick – he did what he had to do and get his arse back in the house kind of walk. I didn’t argue.

Then I had to go see the Vampires over at Inland Hospital in preparation for my annual civilian physical tomorrow. No, I didn’t pass out and yes, I was able to pee in the bottle. :-). Hopefully, tomorrow goes at least as good as December’s VA physical went.

When I got back to the house I had time for a quick breakfast and then it was time Bennie’s walk again. He went to the end of the driveway, looked up at me, peed on the mailbox post, turned around and trotted back up the driveway. Yeah, it was still damn cold out there.

Which meant that I wasn’t going to run outside today.

Now Mondays are usually my 60:00 minute easy run and even though I am not doing heart-rate training as my primary focus, I still see the value in monitoring my heart-rate while running to ensure that I don’t get squirrelly or stoopid.

I wanted to run at a nice 10:00 minute mile pace and keep the heart-rate under 140 bpm for the entire hour.

Well I did pretty good according to the chest strap I kept the heart-rate down in the 120’s for the first 3.0 miles and the next 2.0 were all under 140 bpm. At that point I just needed to stretch it out a little, but not be stoopid.

So at the 50:00 minute mark I increased the speed versus decreasing it (which is what I have been doing lately) up to 7.1 mph kept it there for the next 10 minutes. Yeah, the heart-rate went up a bit, but not as much as I thought it might after a minute or so it stabilized between 148 and 152 bpm for the rest of the run.

Which actually felt pretty easy and it felt like I could have continued running for several more miles at that pace.

I have a feeling that tomorrrow will be one of “those” days, with a physical first thing, some faster paced work on the treadmill scheduled and probably playing with the snow blower a couple of times over the next couple of days.

January in Maine – can you dig it!


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