Got the Long Run Done

Today was one of those little snow storms that local weather-types call fender bender specials. No I didn’t get involved with one of those things, but it was enough to make the roads a mess this morning and get the snowblower out again.

As long as I get to snowblow the yards a couple times a week, I am not going to worry about lifting weights. Just because you walk behind it doesn’t mean that you don’t get to wrestle with the beastly thing to get it where you want it.

After dropping off SD2, I headed over to Planet Fitness for my long run. It was not going to be outside due to the nastiness on the roads and I value my life too much to risk it running outside 🙂

So I got on the treadmill, did my 10:00 minute warm-up, I just don’t want to do 15 minutes and started out. I set it to 6.6 mph and kept it there for over two miles before my chest strap h/r monitor got over the 135 bpm limit. I dropped it down to 6.4 mph and made it to 3.0 mile when I HAD to quickly adjourn to the locker room.

When I got back, I didn’t raise the speed again and kept it at 6.4 mph through the next 3.0 miles. When I got to that point my heart-rate got up to the 135 bpm max and dropped the speed down to 6.2 mph and kept it there to the end.

I was able to make it to 9.0 miles without too many problems. The biggest thing was just doing it, running for almost 90 minutes on the treadmill is tough any way you slice it. I was lucky the History Channel had a fairly interesting documentary series on, which helped pass the time. Closed Captioning is a very good thing.

I am also finding that running without music give me a much more consistent heart-rate readings and I ran that way again today.

The shoes were an experiment, I know that my Tempo 9s will do fine, but I wanted to see how the Adios 3s would do on a long run – no issues. They felt fine and I don’t feel too badly tonight…well any more than I would in other shoes after running 9.0 miles on the treadmill, snowblowing for 2 hours, then sitting in a vehicle driving around in slushy snow for over a 100 miles total. Oh yeah, I did walk Bennie as well. Something over 33,000 steps

So a busy day, where I still got in my long run and feel pretty good tonight. I have a feeling I’m going to sleep pretty good.

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