Heart-Rate Training Forcing Me to Look At My Running

There was a bad accident over in Belgrade, where a tanker truck caught on fire and the smoke cloud came pretty much over the house most of the morning.

It shut down traffic heading out that way for a big part of the morning. From the news casts, it was a mess for a while.

Moving on. I know a couple of places had the temps in the 30’s when I drove past them this morning. Unfortunately, in the place where time forgot, AKA where I live the thermometers claimed that it never got above 18*F. Based on the temps I was feeling this morning first thing and then on Bennie’s longer walk – I tended to agree with my thermometer.

Needless to say temps this year are better than all those weeks of sub-zero temps that we experienced this time last year.

Even so, it was still cold enough that I decided pretty quickly that I was Treadmillin it again today. I am being very cognizant of my 20*F degree limitation on running outside this year and not running out there when it is below that temp. Have I, could I — of course, but I notice that my breathing outside when it is outside and cold is not the same and I am running this year, more to enjoy my running than to simply endure it.

I planned on a heart-rate run and attempting to keep the bpm below 135 for the run.

Let’s just say the run itself was nothing special. I started out at 6.5 mph and was able to maintain that pace until 2.9 miles, when I needed to reduce the speed to 6.3 mph to finish up the run at sub 135 bpm.

The big thing about this run was that my Garmin FR35 finally had a run that was close to what my chest strap heart-rate monitor read on the Treadmill’s console, which was nice.

I am learning that slight variations in how I run can make a 4-6 bpm difference very quickly, so I am attempting to incorporate the lower heart-rate running form to be the way I run more often. It does feel a little more efficient, so it might be a little better way for me to run. We will see.

Running slower is forcing me to take stock of “how” I run.

Overall, it was good run and I am learning more about me. Now if the FR35 would only stay this accurate I wouldn’t complain about it at all. 🙂

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