Frustration, Mirroring, Settling In and Strides

Damn that 1.0 mile walk down-back with Bennie with Bennie felt more like 10.0 miles between the ice and frozen snow. The temps were in the mid teens and while there was just a little breeze, it wasn’t anything crazy. I am not sure what it was, but it felt freaking cold! Colder than the thermometer read at least.

When my face hurts after walking only a mile, it ain’t a good thing. Which meant that a treadmill run was going to happen.

It was just a question of what and how many miles.

Well the what was going be heart-rate training and keeping it under my self-imposed 140 bpm, not the MAF recommended 124 bpm. Yeah, I know…but it is where I am comfortable.

I did my usual warm-up and then the 10:00 minute warm-up on the treadmill. I am getting so that I like that too. It gets the body/mind get ready to do something versus my usual get on the treadmill and hammer away. A much easier transition to the run.

While I was warming-up, I thought it might be a good day to do a MAF test and see about where I am.

So I did and the result were mixed my actual speeds for the 4.0 miles were a little different than the watch and the heart-rate well, let’s just say I probably need to add 15-20 bpm to each one.

What to hell happened?

My heart-rate was ALL over the place for the first 20 minutes of the run according to the chest strap I was 164 bpm or better, err right around my cadence, but my Garmin had me way low??? So the first and probably most of the second miles were suspect at best. Then the mileage per mile variance for the first mile was over .11 – when I got to 3.0 miles then it was “only” a total of .23 off.

I am not sure what happened between miles 2 and 3, but things seemed to calm down on the chest strap and it was reading in the 130-135 bpm very consistently. Also about that same time another guy got on the treadmill beside me and he was wearing a heart-rate monitor as well.

When I looked over after a couple of minutes I noticed that his heart-rate was just about mirroring mine. By this time I was running 6.2 mph and he was walking about 3.4 mph. He didn’t look to be completely out of shape or anything and he was walking flat, so I kind of thought that his treadmill was picking up my signal, not his.

I just kept using my console heart-rate and ignored my watch’s read-out.

When the guy beside stopped his treadmill, I noticed that my console continued to read the same as it had been. So his treadmill was mirroring my heart-rate not his. Good thing that I stayed with mine. I hope that I didn’t screw up his workout too much.

Looking back I am not going to use this run as a MAF test, there was just too much variability on the part of the heart-rate monitor even though I felt like I started at the right speeds and reduced the speed whenever my console hit 140 bpm (well after the heart-rate monitor got settled in).

I went from 6.4 mph to 5.9 mph and felt comfortable through out the run. If the Garmin’s bpm was accurate (it wasn’t), then I am in a LOT better shape than I thought. 😉

Comfortable enough that I really felt like I wanted to run a little faster.

So I did 5 x .1 strides to finish up. Yeah, I know that when doing MAF training that this early in the base phase I ain’t supposed to be doing this stuff. However, I also believe that if you do zero speed work, that when you do start the body takes longer to get back to it. In my un-expert opinion and based on being an old fart who loves to run faster than he should, once a week doing a set of 5 strides ain’t gonna hurt too many things.

Oh yeah, the bpm that shows up on the Strava/Garmin graphs – yeah right at the end of each of those strides, the console was showing my heart-rate was between 160-168 bpm just a bit of thumping going on.

Overall, a very good workout and one of these days I will get the heart-rate crap straightened out to where it doesn’t frustrate me as much or some figure out how to avoid my h/r monitors from picking up my cadence. Right now I am just focusing on keeping things under 140 bpm and establishing a decent base.

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