Making Progress and Catching Up

It has been a few days since I have gotten around to logging my runs on the blog.

So I am going to short cut Wednesday and Thursday’s post by doing a screen shot of my spreadsheet. Yes, it is cheating, but that’s okay, its my blog so I get to make the rules. 🙂

After thinking about it, I added in today’s synopsis from the spreadsheet as well.

Doing okay with the heart-rate based training. I can’t really call it strict MAF training, but it is loosely based on it and so far I am happy with the progress I am making. Yeah, I know doesn’t that defeat saying I am doing MAF…probably. However, I am not all that good at following rules completely by the book anymore.

Actually, I have a feeling that if anything, not specifically using his heart-rate computation would simply slow down the aerobic adaptation process, but not completely stop it. So while I might not be maximizing my aerobic response, I am still making progress.

Which I am noticing.

One of the difficulties that I am having that when running on the treadmill and both using my watch and my chest strap heart-rate monitors, while they got close a few times, but are usually about 10 bpm difference between the two. So today I just focused on using the chest strap and ignored the watch’s which I believe is less accurate. Even though that is what I get to look at after everything is done.

All I know was that it was a lot less frustrating and after today’s experience I am going to turn-off the heart-rate zone warning for running indoor.

Unfortunately, this also means that I will not have the same heart-rate data that I used during the run, to evaluate later and will have to rely on what I already know is less accurate data to see how I was doing. I have a feeling that I will not look at the numbers so much as as the trending of the graph line. Well as long as it doesn’t keep catching my cadence at some point during the run.

Which just means that I do not have an accurate record of the run to compare with more recent runs. Oh well, first-world runner problems.

Today’s run is a good example of that. I was able to maintain 140 bpm or under for 5.2 miles at 6.2 mph which is a lot better than I have been doing. I ended up keeping under 140 bpm at 6.0 mph, so I know that I am making aerobic progress.

The only bad thing about the Polar chest strap heart-rate monitor is that my Garmin doesn’t play with it at all and as a result I don’t have a graph of my heart-rate to look at after the run.

I do feel as though I am making some progress on getting my aerobic base put in place, but I do miss doing repeats and strides a few times a week. However, I am sort of attempting to be good and do most of the MAF training stuff, well except on Friday nights (when it comes to food – it is my Pizza and Beer night) through the end of March.

This is my experiment to see if running slower now will help me run faster down the road.

At least I am learning what a recovery run is supposed to feel like versus my sort of recovery runs that were my staple before I started using the heart-rate monitor.

A good run today.

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