Finally A Decent Heart-Rate Based Run

Well that run was the first MAF or heart-rate training that I didn’t feel completely frustrated. My Garmin FR35’s heart-rate monitor worked like I expected it to, I wasn’t in a hurry to get anywhere and I was able to keep moving ahead without the negativity going on in my head about going so slow.

Down-back was finally runnable again and I really prefer to run outside when the conditions favor it. Today the roads were dry, the sun was out and while there was a 10mph or so breeze and 23*F when I left the house – close enough. I have run in colder and worse conditions. I was dressed correctly and had no issues with the weather.

I started out with what I felt was going to end up being a 135 bpm run and tried to maintain a steady pace throughout the run. It took a mile or so to get up to that 135 bpm range and I worked hard to stay below the max.

Something that really surprised me was that I didn’t get the max heart-rate alarm regularly until I got back to the Upper Gate on Stevens Hill. Yes, I went up the hill slower than usual, but I was able to keep it in the aerobic range.

Then coming back down from the Top of the Hill, my heart-rate seemed to drop down considerably and I was able to pick-up the pace a little for a short distance. 🙂 That was nice.

As I said at the beginning – this was the first MAF based run that felt like it was successful.

I have been attempting this heart-rate stuff for a couple of weeks now and it has been more a journey to learn the basics behind the “why” Maffetone’s training methods might work for me and attempting to use heart-rate training without having a clue about what the hell I was doing. Beyond the idea that I was supposed to run according to a very low heart-rate, too freaking slow.

Needless to say this frustrated me more than it helped. I still am not sure that heart-rate training or Maffetone’s training/lifestyle changes are compatible with the life I am living. The way that I was training before, was a dead-end and I needed to change, to meet my real goal of running 20 years from now and not being injured or fatigued all too often.

I am still not sold on Maffetone’s training as the cure to all my running ills, but it does have features that really appeal to me and the lifestyle changes were things that were on my radar, before I started reading more on Maffetone’s methods.

A good day, now to see where it takes me moving forward. I will be glad when the Holidays are over, so I can get to eating the way that I believe will be best for me in the future.

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