Long Run Down In Portland = Smiling

Finally, a run and a long run at that – outside!!!

Yeah, I had to take SD1 to Portland and I have been planning to run Back Cove since I found out that I would be going down there. I wasn’t sure whether to run 2 or 3 laps around Back Cove, so I figured that I would wait until finished the second one to decide how far I would be running.

It turned out to be the best day of December so far, when we got down to Portland it was 38*F with a steady breeze from out of the SW (I think). I could not decide if I needed my jacket and long running pants or not when I was changing up for the run by the Transit.

Once I stood outside while changing, I quickly decided to wear the Winter gear, although while out on the run, other runners were dressed in shorts and just a long sleeve top.

Me I was still glad that I had on the Winter gear, I just ain’t as tough as I used to be.

It felt like I started slow as all get out, but it was my fastest mile of the day. Actually, I just wanted to run comfortably and wasn’t really in any kind of rush. Once I got across the bridge, I got this bright-arse idea of running down to the Old Port and going by where I used to work down there. So I took the turn to go under the bridges and headed for the Old Port.

Right around the Sanitation District (Wall Mural/Graffitti area), I blew a snot rocket (there were several before that one) and the next thing I knew I had one of those annoying nose bleeds. Gotta hate that when it happens. Nope wasn’t dizzy or anything like that, just had copious amounts of blood draining down my face.

Lots of fun.

So I stopped and got things under control. Wiped the blood off my face the best I could with my mittens, stuffed them in a pocket and off I went again. I probably should have turned around and just finished the run off, but other than looking like a horror movie victim, I was feeling pretty good.

I did stop at the Port-a-pottie by the beach to loose some weight and take stock of how I was feeling and looking, cleaned up the face a little more, so that I wouldn’t scare people off if they saw me and trundled on down the path towards the Old Port.

No I did not attempt anymore snot rockets until I was almost back to the Transit – for some reason or other.

Once I got down on Commercial Street, I started seeing things that were familiar and not so familiar. The area has changed considerably since the 1990s when I was working down there, but there is enough that is still there that it did bring back more than a few memories.

I have gone through those doors more than a couple of times back in the day. It made me smile and think of Roger Putman (may you Rest In Peace – Roger), Dana Gray, JJ Anthony, Holly Bartlett and a bunch of other Coasties that I worked in that building with, while a part of RIO Bath. Lots of good memories and yeah, a few not so great ones as well.

On the way back, the wind was in my face and while it wasn’t that bad, it was just enough to be a pain in the butt. I didn’t want to put my mittens back on due to the amount of blood covering the outside, so my fingers did get pretty chilled and took a long time to unthaw after I got done running.

By the time I finished, I was ready to be done. I felt good and could have run further if I had a reason, but I didn’t, so I was happy when my watch said I had my 10 miles in. Yeah, 10 miles. Finally a long run, that wasn’t on the treadmill – a very good thing.

About 10 minutes after I finished, I got text message from SD1 as I was driving over to Fleet Feet to browse. Which meant that I it was time to meet at Trader Joe’s and I didn’t get to drool over any running shoes that I don’t need.

I did get some good stuff at Trader Joe’s and it should help me as I attempt to lower my sugar and carb intake. Although since it was Friday night, it is Homemade Pizza, a Sam Adams Beer, a few chips and a chocolate chip cookie Whoopie Pie. Yeah, I know it is not part of a lower carb diet, but I am not giving up enjoying my life and once a week I will get to splurge and overindulge in foods that I do love.

Then I will get back to eating better tomorrow. Although I have gone from 163 last Monday morning to 158 this morning, just by cutting back on sweets, chips and most carbs this week. It wasn’t hard, but it has forced me to look at what I do eat and make conscious decisions on what I put in the pie-hole and so far I am doing a lot better than I thought that I would.

Overall, a really good 10 mile run.

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