This is Getting to be too Regular

You know something, I have a sneaking suspicion this might be the winter where I get to do way too much of my running on the treadmill. Based on how December has been so far and looking back at November, I have run more on the ‘mill this “winter” than I usually do.

Not really what I want to do.

My preference is to run outside as much as I can, but when the temps get below 20*F with or without the wind chill, running outside stops being enjoyable and becomes a chore.

I don’t want my running to be a chore at this point in my life, so I choose to run inside in my shorts and t-shirt when it is that cold outside.

So this morning when I was coming back from grocery shopping, the temp at the Bank on Western Ave said 12*F and the wind was starting to pick up, it made my mind up about where I would be running this morning. It turned out to be a moot point anyway, because I didn’t include my wind pants and in those temps I wasn’t going to run in shorts outside. 😉

I have had a couple of decent runs this week and decided that 4.0 miles would be as far as I would run today. That and the speed was going to be capped around 9:00 minute pace.

So I started the treadmill at 6.7 mph and kept it there until a quarter mile was left and picked it up for a good finishing kick. Something I purposely do for most of my runs. Just a part of who I am.

The hardest thing about this run, was just keeping going, the body didn’t have any issues running, it was the mental side and the boredom of yet another day on the treadmill. I think that is the hardest part of running on a treadmill is the idea that you have to keep going and you don’t get anywhere. Plus I didn’t put on my playlist or watch TV and just ran, which makes it a little tougher.

As a result of my physical Monday, I did order a GPS watch with a H/R monitor built in. I know at times it isn’t completely accurate, but it gives me an idea of where my heart rate is and how quickly I recover from a harder effort.

It came in tonight and since I had one last year, I was pretty familiar with how to setup my new Garmin Forerunner 35. There are somethings I love and somethings I dislike about it, but for the price and how close it is to Christmas, I was not going to go out and get an Apple Watch 4 or some other higher end Garmin, Suunto or Polar watch on such short notice. It just was not in the budget.

So I will see how this works for me and go from there.

The run was a run and since tomorrow is supposed to be more of the same, I have a feeling that 5.0 more miles will be accomplished on the treadmill tomorrow morning.

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