Another Treadmill Day But a Bit Longer

Yeah with that big Zero*F on the thermometer this morning for Bennie and my first walk of the day got our attention. It was and it felt damn cold outside.

Even so, when I drove the Transit in for a quick repair job this morning, I fully expected to Go For A Run up in Waterville.

Err No.

It was still only 4*F when I walked out of the Ford Dealership, so I just turned Clifford back towards the house and went home. Bennie and I did a short walk instead of a long one, it was just too cold and he decided when we got to the Upper Gate that it was time to go home.

At that point, I wasn’t going to run outside – even though it had warmed up to 11*F, it was still too cold for me.

So I packed up and headed to Augusta for an appointment with the treadmill.

I figured that I would get in a nice 4-5 miles at a comfortable pace. Yes, Tuesdays are normally a quality workout day or speed work, but after yesterday’s Physical Exam and talking with the Doc, I decided to take his advice and wait until I get my watch in to let me know when I am going too hard, instead of cranking it without realizing how hard I am going.

I got on and started out at 7.0 mph with a 1% incline. The 1% incline does make a difference in how hard running feels, so I did that through 3.0 miles then I got rid of the incline for the next 1.75 miles, but kept the speed at 7.0 mph. I only pushed the speed up a tick at that point and continued to the 5.0 mile mark.

However at about 4.5 miles, I got this crazy idea that I could probably complete 7.0 miles in a hour if I ticked the speed up to 7.2 mph at 5.0 miles. Yeah, I am a bit crazy, but since I wasn’t doing a speed workout, it wasn’t a bad idea to go a little longer.

The last 2.0 miles were at 7.2 mph and I finished the run in just under an hour.

I actually felt very strong during the entire run, although my legs were starting to get a bit tired towards the end.

Good Run.

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